0x0000 glitch Pokémon (Pokémon XD)

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Sending out the 0x0000 glitch Pokémon

The 0x0000 glitch Pokémon may appear in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness with cheat codes.

Not much is known about this glitch Pokémon, other than it may be set (without additional cheat codes) to always have 0 in all stats, and has a blank menu-sprite.

Additionally, although this glitch Pokémon can be sent out, it does not have a visible sprite, and it may force the message that the player is out of usable Pokémon immediately after the throwing animation.

The player can also battle a nameless glitch Pokémon with no background music, by modifying the contents of a Poké Spot to an invalid index number. Attempting to throw a Poké Ball may play the 'selected' sound effect but not throw the ball or spend a turn, effectively doing nothing. Using a move or choosing Call may immediately end the battle.

Action Replay codes (PAL)

First Pokémon is empty slot (0000):




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