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5 (3A) 4 8 Q TM 4 (3B) (blank) (3C)
An encounter with this glitch Trainer

4 8 Q TM 4 (hex:3B) is a glitch Trainer class in Pokémon Red and Blue and one of the artificial Trainer classes.

Game Genie codes 3BF-549-C49 and 3EF-539-B31, combined with an encounter would allow the player to face it, but the game may freeze with a black screen before the encounter. It appears that the freeze can be avoided by activating OAM DMA hijacking (or otherwise another cheating device) to lock the sound bank values at 08.

One sort of the random freezes this glitch Trainer may cause

Trainer AI functions

Move modification AI routines

  • $01D6 (move choice modification #$20)

Structure 2 routine

  • $053E


  • Game may freeze after choosing a move
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Trainer payout data

Trainer payouts are taken by multiplying the base payout and the level of the last Pokemon in the roster.

Base payout: 5495

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