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TM55; Trainer class 255 in Pokémon Red and Blue.

Artificial Trainer classes are a division of invalid Trainer classes in Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow.

Ordinary valid and invalid Trainer classes have index numbers which range from 01-55 as well as 00. This is because the normal process of encountering a Trainer finds a value that ranges between 0xC8-0xFF and subtract 200 (hex:C8) from the identifier.

However, with Game Genie codes or arbitrary code execution, it is possible to encounter Trainer classes with IDs between 56-255 which normally cannot be encountered.

For Red/Blue

The following Game Genie codes for Pokémon Red when used together will change the class of a Trainer encountered with 01xx59D0 (or any Trainer encounter) where yy is the desired Trainer class:

  • yyF-549-C49
  • 3EF-539-B31

For Yellow

The equivalent Game Genie codes for Pokémon Yellow are as such:

  • yy0-2F9-C49
  • 3E0-2E9-B31

Unfortunately using a physical Game Genie with English Yellow will result in an invisible screen. However, there is an arbitrary code execution work around.


0) To have mastered Celadon looping map glitch and to know how to destroy Cancel buttons.

1) ws m (0x63) bootstrapped to D321. C3 21 D3 at 0xDA7F will do the trick. You can use map script abuse to write these values.

2) 4F (0x59) bootstrapped to D330. C3 30 D3 at 0xDA64 (technically 0xFA64; this might matter if you're using a bad emulator) will do this. This can be achieved with the same methods as 1).

3) An item list from 3 (no unterminated-name or lag glitch items, however those should be avoided with B-Button when you encounter them with Celadon looping map glitch):

Item list

The item list from item 3 is as such:

i3: Lemonade x61

i4: Thunderstone x242

i5: 10F x1

i6: X Special x2

i7: Max Potion x127

i8: TM18 x205

i9: Item 0x9D (#ァPkMn p#ゥ ##ゥK▶E '#4ゥ) x0

i10: TM01 x33

i11: Item 0xBB (#……#) x218

i12: Lemonade x62

i13: Water Stone x4

i14: Lemonade x(desired (real) Trainer class ID)

i15: Water Stone x4

i16: Lemonade x255

i17: TM34 x88

i18: TM08 x4

i19: Poké Ball x6

i20: Soda Pop x33

i21 (normal end/money 1): Item 0x7F (#ぇ #### ### #####u#) x 218

i22 (money 2/3): TM05 x132

i23 (rival name 1/2) : Lemonade x201


(Requires items from above):

1) Use ws m. It appears 'nothing happened', but it actually copied data from ROM into RAM at DA7F (stored Pokémon).

2) Adjust Lemonade x0's quantity and use 4F immediately after using ws m to enter the battle with a Trainer class based on Lemonade's quantity.

A save file with this glitch set up called "all glitch trainers" is available on Torchickens' Google Sites. You may modify item 14's quantity to explore all 256 Trainers. Note the Lemonade x0 means Lemonade x256. You can toss from this quantity as if it was valid, to access roster 256 (no tossing) or rosters 1-255 (tossing).

Breakdown of code

@D321 (item 3) (routine copier)

ld a,3d ld hl,5ff2 ld bc,0244 ld de,da7f call 009d ret

Calls FarCopyData with source as 3D:5FF2, bytes to copy as 0x244 and destination as DA7F (modifies ws m)

@D330 (item 10 quantity) (pseudo-Game Genie and battle activator)

ld hl,dabb ld a,3e ldi [hl],a inc b ld a,[desired trainer class; d338] ldi [hl],a inc b ld a,ff ld [d058],a inc b inc b ld b,3d ld hl,da7f call 3e84 ret

'Patches' DABB. This should be sub a,c8 (take the Trainer escape ID and subtract 200 to get Trainer class) but instead we change it to ld a, xx; allowing us to battle any Trainer class we want. D058 is set to a non-00 value, the bank is switched back to 0x3D and we run the code we copied to DA7F and modified with the patch.

The entirety of this code fills the item pack and touches money byte 1, so don't win any money from the trainer if you want to battle more than one in one session. The unique Trainer AIs you can access this way however may stop you and result in a freeze. TM55 (Trainer (actual):255) has an interesting AI which sends you to Victory Road.


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