A-Button held down glitches

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This article is a summary page for different variations of a glitches, etc. when talked about as a whole.

A-Button held down glitches occur in Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow.

These glitches involve the game not executing a certain script if the player is holding down the A button at the end of the previous one. This article will cover three known variations of these glitches.

Professor Oak's Laboratory

Holding down the A button during the starter choosing game sequence while Blue is saying "I'll take this one, then!" (Red/Blue) or after Blue's "!" box (Yellow) will cause the game to pause until the A-Button is released.


The player simply needs to save their game, and have the A button held when the "[PLAYER] saved the game!" text box disappears. This will cause the Start menu to stay open with no visible selector.

YouTube video

YouTube video by LanceAndMissingNo.