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Town Map name: (Variable name)

Identifier (HEX) FC
Identifier (DEC) 252
Default track Unknown
Tileset Unknown
Size Unknown
Map type Freeze glitch map,
Redirection glitch map

Map 0xFC is a freeze glitch map and redirection glitch map in Pokémon Red and Blue. It has a glitched Town Map name, and is located on the Town Map in the sea east of Lavender Town.

The player can make the game attempt to load it with GameShark code 01FC65D3 and entering an applicable exit (such as a Pokémon Center's exit).

Alternatively the player can access it this way by changing the quantity of item 36 in the expanded items pack to 252.


The glitch map appears as a Glitch City with a glitched tileset. Upon entering the glitch map the player may warp again back to the same map. The Bicycle music may be playing in this map.

This glitch map's script is taken from 0xC300 in the RAM. If GameShark codes 018C6ED3 and 01006FD3 are applied to avoid the script (as to point it to a ret/ C9), the player may warp to map 0xE0 (Safari Zone rest house 3) instead, where the game may again freeze.

Appearance of map 0xFC