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Town Map name: Blank name

Identifier (HEX) 69
Identifier (DEC) 105
Default track Unknown
Tileset Unknown
Size x248
Map type Glitch map

Please note that this glitch only exists in the Spanish version of the game.

Map 0x69 in Spanish Pokémon Red and Blue is a glitch map in Pokémon Red and Blue with an index number of 0x69 (dec:105).

It is different to map 0x69 in English versions and map 0x69 in French versions (a descent glitch map) which load but don't immediately freeze the game, and map 0x69 in German and Italian versions which may only freeze the game with a white freeze.

It can be accessed through modification of exit destination address $D36A to 0x69, by changing the quantity item 36 in the expanded items pack or GameShark code 01696AD3.


Map 0x69 appears as a glitchy mess of tiles. It has a map script that may execute address 0x0039 in the ROM, and by default the game may freeze.

However, if the map script is disabled the (via codes 019973D3, 010174D3) before entering the map it can be explored and will play the cave music. There is considerable lag after the menu is closed before any input can be made, and the game will redraw various sprites on the screen.

The map can be explored using walk through walls. While walking up or down, Red's sprite will mysterious move from the top to the bottom of the screen.

It has a y-boundary at y=06 which links to map AD (unused alternative Cinnabar Island Poké Mart) but results in a freeze. It also has a y-boundary at y=FF which links to Lavender Town, and walking down further can take the player to map 0x97 (a house in Lavender Town) but with the player invisible.

According to the Town Map, map 0x69 is located on Victory Road.

How map 0x69 looks like a split second before freezing the game.