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Successfully using - (0x00) in battle.

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- (0x00), also known as ど ◄öSど◄:E 30 is a (VRAM:8091) (0xD1) and "Normal"-type glitch move in Pokémon Crystal.

In battle it may appear as a Normal-type move. Using it may result in the text "(POKéMON) used ど ◄öSど◄:E 30!" however the move seems to have low accuracy. If the move is successful it may result in an animation and the enemy Pokémon becoming badly poisoned.

On the moves list, this glitch move will take the type 0xD1. This type's name is sourced from $8091 (specifically, the pointer is sourced from the RA in DRAGON), which is VRAM for the second icon of the party screen. Using specific party icons with terminator bytes in the data (i.e. ICON_FOX, ICON_MONSTER, and ICON_POLIWAG), the type name can be safely terminated, albeit with a chance to not terminate due to VRAM inaccessibility. If the name does not terminate, it will result in a crash, sometimes resetting to the "This Game Pak is designed only for use on the Game Boy Color." message. Note that type 0xD1 may have a different type name pointer on non-English versions, due to glitch types taking their pointers from type name data.

Accessing the glitch move

"-" as the first move can be obtained by trading a Pokémon with - (Generation I move) as the first move over from Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow to Crystal. This can be done with the swapping Transform moves glitch, which is most easy to pull off by getting a Ditto.

This move may also be obtained by simply obtaining a Bad Clone via save corruption. It may also be obtained by shifting data up 1 byte for a Pokemon with 1 move, using the same principles as the Shiny Celebi trick.

Viewing - (0x00) in battle.