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Viewing the moves list summary of - (0x00)

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- (0x00) is a (VRAM:8350) (0xD0) (outside of battle) and "Normal" (in battle)-type glitch move in Pokémon Gold and Silver. Outside of battle, the length of the type name will depend on the contents of the party/overworld tiles (including the size of the party) prior to opening the "move" menu.

This glitch move may show a very long string of text in a Pokémon's move summary often with 9 in it (due to VRAM inaccessibility). This glitch known as the Type 0xD0 move glitch, can be used in a specific way for arbitrary code execution.

This glitch move may freeze the game when the fight menu is opened containing this move as the first move, though not always.

Accessing the glitch move

"-" as the first move can be obtained by trading a Pokémon with - (Generation I move) as the first move over from Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow to Gold/Silver. This can be done with the swapping Transform moves glitch, which is most easy to pull off by getting a Ditto.