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Name (transcribed): TM14

Identifier (HEX): D6
Identifier (DEC): 214
Applicable for Super Glitch?: No
Effect byte: 0x48
Effect pointer: ?
Type : Qi JT (PLAYER NAME)? POKé BB(PKMN) dé W……N (0x3A)
Animation/Mirror Move: Selfdestruct (0x78)
Power: 85
Accuracy: 75/256
PP (no PP Ups): 29

TM14 is a Qi JT (PLAYER NAME)? POKé BB(PKMN) dé W……N (0x3A)-type glitch move in Pokémon Red and Blue. The name and PP of this move is obfuscated by its type name.

It is not capable of causing Super Glitch.

Successfully using this glitch move will result in damage with Selfdestruct's animation. There is also believed to be a 9.8% chance of lowering the foe's Accuracy down by one stage. The user's sprite will also disappear.

Glitch Pokémon which learn TM14 (0xD6)