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Name (transcribed): TM09

Identifier (HEX): D1
Identifier (DEC): 209
Applicable for Super Glitch?: No
Effect byte: 0x07
Effect pointer: ?
Type : Variable name (0x35)
Animation/Mirror Move: Fire Punch (0x07)
Power: 255
Accuracy: 85/256
PP (no PP Ups): 5

TM09 is a variable name (0x35)-type glitch move in Pokémon Yellow. It is not capable of causing Super Glitch.

Successfully using this glitch move will deal damage with Fire Punch's animation, half the foe's Defense during damage calculation, and faint the user (like Selfdestruct and Explosion). If the move misses it will still faint the user as well.

Glitch Pokémon which learn TM09 (0xD1)