AttackDex/Y:219 (Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console)

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Name (transcribed): TM19

Identifier (HEX): DB
Identifier (DEC): 219
Applicable for Super Glitch?: No
Effect byte: 0x5D
Effect pointer: ?
Type : Variable name (0x34)
Animation/Mirror Move: Pound (internally Mirror Move (0x77)/
Mirror Move fails)

Power: 77
Accuracy: 79/256
PP (no PP Ups): 36

TM19 is a variable name (0x34)-type glitch move in Pokémon Yellow on Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. It is not capable of causing Super Glitch.

Using this glitch move will result in damaging the foe, and glitch effect 0x5D (which freezes the game in non-Virtual Console releases). In the Virtual Console version the unknown opcode from non-Virtual Console releases is ignored, and the game does not freeze.

Glitch Pokémon which learn TM19 (0xDB)

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