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Name (transcribed): TM48

Identifier (HEX): F8
Identifier (DEC): 248
Applicable for Super Glitch?: No
Effect byte: 0x62
Effect pointer: ?
Type : Poison
Animation/Mirror Move: Sand-Attack (0x1C)
Power: 0
Accuracy: 42/256
PP (no PP Ups): 10

TM48 is a Poison-type glitch move in Pokémon Yellow. It is not capable of causing Super Glitch.

Although this glitch move does not deal damage, its effect causes the player to partially escape from battle, similar to TM38 (Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console).

In this state, if the glitch move was used in an ordinary wild battle the Start menu can be opened and the player can walk/Fly away. If used in a Trainer battle or scripted encounter the battle will restart.

Glitch Pokémon which learn TM48 (0xF8)

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