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Balloon Fight
Wikipedia link Balloon Fight
Developer(s) Nintendo Research & Development 1
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Arcade, Nintendo Entertainment System
Release date(s) NES/Famicom: January 22, 1985 (Japan)
June 1986 (North America)
March 12, 1987 (Europe)

Balloon Fight (Japanese: バルーンファイト) is a game released by Nintendo, originally released for arcades as a slightly different title known as Vs. Balloon Fight, before its release as a Nintendo Entertainment System game.

Similarly to the earlier arcade game Joust, the main mode of this game involves a character who can fly around and defeat enemies by touching them from above. However, instead of a knight riding a bird, the main character is instead a human with balloons on his back, known as a Balloon Fighter. This character must defeat enemy Balloon Fighters to score points and proceed to the next screen.

This game also has a second mode known as Balloon Trip, in which the player must avoid lightning spark while collecting balloons.

Many of the glitches here are from this Balloon Fight Wiki, and full credit goes to them.

Fish simultaneous loss/win

This curiosity/glitch was documented/shared by Torchickens. It is possible to clear the stage and get eaten by the fish at the same time, which counts as a win.

Palette glitch (Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console)

This glitch was documented/shared by Bluestone19.


1. Start a new game and advance to the bonus stage.

2. Finish the bonus stage but reset the game while the points are being gathered using the Nintendo 3DS Touch Screen's reset button.

3. Some objects will now be red instead of gray, including clouds and pipes

Player 2 disadvantage

This glitch was documented/shared by Bluestone19, and the Balloon Fight wiki. The glitch involves starting a two player match with a player that has only one Balloon.

1. Play Balloon Trip mode up to finding a Bubble.

2. Use the Bubble, but terminate Balloon Trip by getting hit by a Spark.

3. Begin two player mode.

According to the person who shared it, it may be due to shared memory address usage.

Swim to the other side of the sea

This glitch was documented/shared by Fryguy64. While what revisions this works on are not clear, it is possible with enough precision to go into the sea, wrap around the other side of the screen, and not get eaten by the fish.

Vertical speed conservation

This glitch was documented/shared by Bluestone19, and involves the player's vertical speed being conserved even after losing a life. For further information, see here. Of note, in at least Vs. Balloon Fight, it is possible to reach a very high velocity via collisions.


  • According to Nester the Lark, from a possible interview, there is a statement that Vs. Balloon Fight (a different game) uses different physics related to the conversion of numerical representation. [1]

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