Battle Tower inverse cloning glitch (Emerald)

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The Battle Tower inverse cloning glitch is a glitch in Pokémon Emerald.

Considered to be "the opposite" of the Battle Tower Pokémon cloning glitch (Emerald), it allows the player to permanently delete Pokémon from a save file without the Release option, which cannot be used on Eggs and Bad Eggs.


This is the PC in the Battle Tower.
  1. Go to the PC in the Battle Tower and save.
  2. Withdraw the Pokémon or Egg to be erased from Lanette's PC.
  3. Log Off of the computer and save the game.
  4. Deposit the Pokémon or Egg placed in the party during step 2.
  5. This girl is who you need to be talking to.
    Talk to the receptionist for the Link Multi Battle Rooms.
  6. When she asks if the player wants to make a challenge, select Yes, and choose two Pokémon eligible for entry.
  7. Select Yes when she asks you if it is okay to save the game.
  8. After the brief wait in which no messages are shown and the game (not the receptionist) asks if the player wants to save the game, reset the game (do not start saving).

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