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A piece of artwork that is probably official, with Seaking's early name, "Neptune".
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Before Pokémon Red and Green were officially localized into English, various names were temporarily used for promotions in the United States to represent the Pokémon which, at that time, only had names in Japanese. Below is a list with the Pokémon's known promotional names and their release names.

Release name Promotional name
Kakuna Kokoon
Beedrill Beedril
Pidgey Pidge
Pidgeot Pidgeott
Rattata Rattatak
Ekans Arbo/Nagahis
Arbok Nagaasp
Sandslash Sandstorm
Clefairy Aria
Clefable Ariala
Vulpix Foxfire
Ninetales Ninetai/Nine Tales
Jigglypuff Pudding
Wigglytuff Custard
Oddish Ladish
Paras Parasyte
Diglett Digda
Growlithe Flamie
Arcanine Blaze
Poliwag Aqua
Poliwhirl Polihirl/Aquanau
Poliwrath Aquamar
Abra Hocus
Kadabra Pocus
Machop Kara-tee/Karate
Machoke Kung-foo/Kungfo
Machamp Ju-doh/Judoh
Tentacool Jilly
Tentacruel Man O War/Manowar
Rapidash Gallop
Slowpoke Slowmo
Magnemite Coil
Magneton Recoil
Farfetch'd Fowler
Doduo Dodo
Dewgong Manaty
Gastly Spirit
Haunter Spectre
Gengar Phantom
Drowzee Sleeper
Exeggcute Eggstre
Exeggutor Eggscut
Cubone Orphon
Marowak Guardia
Hitmonlee Lee
Hitmonchan Chan
Lickitung Tonguetyd
Koffing Ny
Weezing La
Chansey Lucky
Tangela Meduza/Medusa
Goldeen Goldy
Seaking Neptune
Mr. Mime Mrmime
Scyther Stryke
Gyarados Skulkraken
Lapras Ness
Ditto Morpho
Eevee Eon
Omanyte Ess
Omastar Kargo
Kabuto Att
Kabutops Lantis
Aerodactyl Ptera
Dratini Dragoon
Dragonair Dragyn

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