Boulderbadge badge check skip

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This glitch allows the player to skip the Boulderbadge badge check process in the Pokémon League front gate. It is an application of a walk through walls glitch which can be done without a cheating device.

It allows the player to go to the Pokémon League without having the Boulderbadge if it is used in combination with a Skip Pewter Gym glitch on a save file with all of the badges except the first one.


  • Must have skipped the first gym and not obtained the Boulderbadge.


This is the Pokémon League front gate.
  1. The player must have firstly performed a walk through walls glitch.
  2. Go to Route 22. Note: You need to be able to walk through walls at this point.
  3. Keep walking up and you will end up at a glitchy version of Route 23, but the glitches are only visual.

After this trick you will have skipped the Boulderbadge badge check process.

Do not walk through the Pokémon League front gate or any other door or you'll lose your ability to walk through walls if you're not using a cheating device.