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This article does not relate to this wiki (Glitch City Wiki), but to Glitch City Laboratories. It is kept here for archival purposes.

This is a list of unconfirmed glitches on Glitch City Laboratories.

In order for a glitch to be confirmed, it must meet one or more of these requirements:

  • Have video proof
  • Be confirmed by proof in the game's code
  • Be encountered by multiple people
  • Be as replicable as possible in the same way(s)
  • Be confirmed on the account of a staff or QC member (in that it has been tested and replicated, and confirmed as true; see below)

In order for a glitch to be verified on the site, it must be peer-reviewed by a trusted staff member or member with the "QC" user group (see also: Help:Article validation). Once the article is "checked", it will become the default revision shown to guests and members.

Generation I

Substitute Mirror Move glitch

Reason why excluded: This may actually be confirmed by video. It was listed by Torchickens on List of natural glitches in Generation I. However, she no longer remembers the specifics. Where is that video? Sherkel (talk) 14:52, 23 February 2019 (-06)

Generation II

Pokémon Fun Fest Celebi Celebration glitch

Reason why excluded: Past events can be misremembered

Sign promoting the Celebi Celebration

The Pokémon Fun Fest Celebi Celebration glitch was a glitch reported in Pokémon Gold and Silver. During the Pokémon Fun Fest event in various Six Flags theme parks from August 4th to September 9th 2001, there was an event to obtain Celebi called the Celebi Celebration.

From one player's account of the distribution process, a freeze would occur during the distribution if a Pokémon in the party was holding mail. A Nintendo official told the player that he was looking for an item, and asked the player to remove a Spearow named Kenya (likely the Spearow belonging to the NPC Randy)'s mail.

The validity of the glitch is questionable.

External links

Pokémon News Machine buffer overflow

Reason why excluded: The glitch may be elaborate; so it is excluded for now until a comprehensive technique to trigger it (and explanation) is found and shown via video.

As documented by Háčky, by using arbitrary code execution in Japanese Crystal, players can theoretically create custom Pokémon News Machine messages. If true; a malformed one could potentially lead to memory corruption and/or arbitrary code execution.

"Metadata The metadata file is an unstructured hodgepodge of variable-length fields, the boundaries of which can only be determined by parsing each field in its own unique way. In typical Game Freak style, the game makes no effort to validate the data received from the server or protect against buffer overflows. A malformed metadata file can certainly crash the game and corrupt the save file (I’ve done it more than once), and could probably execute arbitrary code."

Tile 0x3E bump noise glitch


Reason why excluded: The source is trustworthy, but no replication method via video may have been published yet

Generation III

Shadow Voltorb catch glitch

Reason why excluded: Technical confirmation needed

A glitch in Pokémon XD in which failing to catch Miror B's Shadow Voltorb at the Cave Poké Spot will prevent the player from ever being able to obtain it; meaning only 81/83 Shadow Pokémon are available.

Infinite ExtremeSpeed Zigazgoon glitch

Reason why excluded: Technical confirmation needed

In Pokémon Emerald, performing the partial save in the Battle Tower most notably used for Pokémon cloning (Generation III) may be able to be utilized to obtain infinite copies of Eggs from Pokémon Box. However, the procedure is not clear and Sherkel doesn't remember where it was first mentioned anymore.

Seafloor Cavern boulder duplication glitch

Reason why excluded: More information needed, such as confirmation from another user and a write up of the method

It seems to be a glitch involving the duplication of a boulder in the Seafloor Cavern. It can block the player from reaching the exit. Funnily enough, this glitch was found by Lala, a pet Siamese fighting fish.

Generation IV

Black Belt speech error

Reason why excluded: No evidence of this being a mistake from the developers, as it could be a stylistic choice

At Sinnoh's Victory Road, Black Belt Eddie's speech appears to be 'corrupted', with each character of his text "Done in" appearing on a different, alternating line.

(Covered on Black Belt speech curiosity)

Generation V

Marvelous Bridge glitch

Reason why excluded: Torchickens believes this was a minor graphic glitch or similar discussed on the Hall of Origin forums, but cannot remember the specifics or the original thread.

Generation VI

Albino Pokémon glitch

Reason why excluded: Possibly false; no solid means to replicate

Ostensibly, "albino" Pokémon can appear in the game; Pokémon that appear mainly white, similar to how a Shiny Pokémon has alternative colours.

Does this have any more substance to it than Mewthree/RS Celebi/Mist Stone and other playground rumors? Sherkel (talk) 14:52, 23 February 2019 (-06)

Fainting Status glitch

Reason why excluded: Excluded due to the luck involved and no known video of it happening. (However, if a video confirmed on an unmodified game surfaces it will be added)

A glitch in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire in which fainting a foe with a move that has a chance of inflicting a status ailment gives the chance of the status ailment appearing but only for several frames.

Pokémon-Amie sprite glitch

Reason why excluded: Has not been peer tested by a GCL wiki contributor yet, and the Bulbapedia article does not make it clear what the glitch is. With a short test, things will likely become clearer.

Route 119 Trainer rematch glitch

Reason why excluded: While possibly a glitch, it is not known whether the developers view it to be so, since the player is moving between the two areas of the route which could qualify as 'far enough'.

A curiosity in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. When moving between two sections of Route 119 in quick succession, it is possible to make Trainers want to rematch the player.

I don't really see how this belongs here at all. Is it because it's the only instance of being able to do that between maps both marked with the same name? Sherkel (talk) 14:52, 23 February 2019 (-06)

Affecting multiple generations

Baton Pass Own Tempo glitch

Reason why excluded: No confirmation from the developers that this is unintended behavior/a glitch.

A curiosity in Generations V, VI and VII in which a Pokémon with Own Tempo that gained confusion from Baton Pass will not have its status healed straight away. The cure only occurs after a Pokémon finishes its turn afterwards.

Confusion item activation glitch

Reason why excluded: No confirmation from the developers that this is unintended behavior/a glitch.

A curiosity in Generations V, VI and VII in which a held item (such as Sitrus Berry) is not consumed under its specific HP threshold if the damage done to the user was due to hitting itself in confusion.

Generation VII

TM text glitch

Reason why excluded: Not examined yet, excluded in case it is only a design choice.

A glitch in which the bag text for a TM becomes black after using a TM instead of grey.

Generation VIII

Fixed in version 1.3.2, according to others.