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Flying away after applying the changes (and a Glitch City)

Connection copier is an exploit in Pokémon Red and Blue. It allows the player to copy (x) number of bytes (up to 255) from one location to another, by exploiting how map connections work. It is a form of arbitrary RAM modification (sometimes abbreviated as "ARM").


1. Expanded items pack

2. Specific items

3. For Red/Blue, 10F (optional)

4. A Pokémon with Fly


1. Add the following items to the following positions:

Any item x 127 (item 37)

Any item x 250 (item 38)

(Source pointer byte 2 item) x (Source pointer byte 1 quantity) (item 43)

(Destination pointer byte 2 item) x (Destination pointer byte 1 quantity) (item 44)

Item ID representing bytes to copy x 0 (item 45)

2. Save and reset the game (or use 10F), and the game will transfer the data (or code) to the location you told it to.

3. Adjust the quantity of item 37 to x0 to enable Flying away, and then use Fly to escape the Glitch City.


If the player wants to copy party Pokémon 6's name into their name for Red/Blue, item 43 will be TM36 (0xEC) x 210 (0xD2) (party Pokémon slot 6 name), and item 44 will be 3F (0x58) x 209 (0xD1) (player name).

If the player wants to copy 11 bytes, they would have the item ID in slot 45 as Antidote (item 0x0B, or decimal 11).


  • Gifvex, luckytyphlosion: Discovery, documentation
  • ChickasaurusGL: Further documentation, text in this article

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