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A corruption initiator is a Pokémon which is placed next to the Pokemon the player wants to corrupt for the Pomeg corruption glitch to optimize the chances of a favorable corruption succeeding. It works by absorbing unfavorable corruptions.

When the Pomeg corruption glitch fails to work it is a good idea for the player to try different Pokémon next to the Pokémon with a specific personality value e.g. "SEASOR" the Horsea or "DOTS" the Seedot.

In-game trade Plusle initiator

The in-game trade Plusle (Fortree City, NPC requests Volbeat) can be used as an ideal corruption initiator if all of its moves are deleted except for Growl.

Caterpie Perfect Initiator

A box of a chain of five Caterpie perfect initiator no.1 followed by SEASOR, followed by a chain of five Caterpie perfect initiator no.2 (marked) followed by SEASOR.

Caterpie Perfect Initiator are special Caterpie created with the double corruption glitch. The steps to obtain them are described in this forums post by Metarkrai. There are two types of Caterpie Perfect Initiators. One of them (the first five initiators in a series) aren't fed any Pokéblocks, while the other (the last five initiators in a series) are given six blue Pokéblocks with specific level and feel values.


In order to create Caterpie Perfect Initiators the player requires the following items:

  • Level 12 Blue Pokéblocks with 22-23 in Feel (from 6 Chesto at Lilycove City created with the old man).
  • 26 Hondew and 26 Grepa Berries.
  • 13 or more Pomeg Berries.
  • Other EV reducing berries; Kelpsy, Qualot, Hondew, Grepa, Tamato Berries.
  • 5 Carbos
  • 5 Calcium
  • 2 or more HP Ups.
  • TM17 Protect (sold at Lilycove Department Store).
  • Fluffy Tails (optional).

The player also requires the following in-game trade Pokémon.

  • "DOTS" the in-game Seedot. (via a Ralts for Seedot trade in Rustboro City).
  • "SEASOR" the in-game Horsea (via a Bagon for Horsea trade in Pacifidlog Town) with less than 65535 total experience (level 40 or lower).