Delayed music change quirk (Pokémon Yellow)

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The delayed music change quirk occurs in Pokémon Yellow. If the walking Pikachu voice is long enough and is played artificially, the player can delay the time it takes for the music to fade out and be replaced by the new music.


  1. Power on the game and quickly choose to Continue on a save file
  2. Use arbitrary code execution as fast as possible to play a long enough Pikachu voice
    1. The following method works for ws m from the access point (e.g. item 3)
  • Repel x (cry ID)
  • Poké Ball x 6
  • Fresh Water x 33
  • Master Ball x 64
  • Soda Pop x 45
  • TM05 x 132
  • Lemonade x 201

(1e 02 04 06 3C 21 01 40 3d 2d CD 84 3E C9)

Step 2 may now be repeated in succession; causing the title screen music to linger/continue without changing.

YouTube video

YouTube video by ChickasaurusGL