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In Glitch City Laboratories' GlitchDex, designations are used instead of names. These designations are of the form (version abbreviation):(three-digit identifier in decimal form). The use of designations was introduced in the second version of the GlitchDex; the first one, introduced in 2005, used approximations of the glitch Pokémon's real names. GCL's designations are not widely used in the Pokémon community, where most people stick to familiar names.

Why use designations?

Most Generation I glitch Pokémon have unintelligible names. People used approximations of these names when talking about them. However, some names have no letters in them at all; names like "block" or "Japanese symbol" or "Chisai-u" (named after the small-"u" symbol seen in many glitch Pokémon names) were given to these glitches. In all, 8 glitch Pokémon were named "Chisai-u" and 19 were called "block" or "blank." In addition, the ones that did have any sort of letters in their names were too similar and often confusing; 16 glitch Pokémon's names include the letters "PkMn."

Because there existed no feasible way to write out these glitches' names using standard Unicode, a designation format was created for the new version of the GlitchDex in 2007. This designation uniquely identifies the glitch using both its identifier and the version it exists in. In addition to these designations, the GlitchDex uses the real names of the glitches - taken directly from the video games.