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Select glitches in Japanese Pokémon Red, Green and Blue

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Please note that this glitch only exists in the Japanese versions of the game, or is otherwise a glitch
from a Pokémon game which was only released in Japan.
Bulbapedia also has an article about Dokokashira door glitch.
After the player activates the dokokashira door glitch, Professor Oak will appear outside. Talking to him makes him say his speech for if the player tried to walk into one of the first two available grass tiles with no Pokémon, but nothing noticeable happens after that.

The dokokashira door glitch (Japanese: どこかしらドア, dokokashira door) is one of the most popular select glitches in Japan, and it is the most well known select glitch outside of Japan. It can only be performed in Pokémon Red, Green, and Pokémon Blue (Japanese), due to the select button glitch being patched in Pokémon Yellow (Japanese) and the localizations.

The name 'dokokashira door' is used on the site pokemonbug( (now offline, but the site can be accessed through pokemonbug(, but who coined the name is unclear. 'Dokokashira' (Japanese: どこかしら) means something like "I wonder where it is?" when translated into English, and it probably refers to the player warping around different locations that may seem random without further analysis.

This glitch allows the player to warp to almost anywhere in the game, including the Hall of Fame, simply by walking around. The glitch can be pulled off very early in the Japanese games except Yellow, and it has been utilized in both real time and tool-assisted speedruns of the games.

The dokokashira door glitch, though allowing the player to enter the Hall of Fame quickly, is not the fastest way to complete any Generation I game. The SRAM glitch can be used to complete the game even faster, without the player character having to leave their house, or even their room, but the method to complete the game without the player leaving their room is more complicated.

Emulation issues

This glitch will not work on earlier versions of VisualBoyAdvance[elaboration needed], but a fix was posted by Dwedit on the TASVideos forums, where the dokokashira door glitch works. The problem was speculated to be because of incorrect Echo RAM emulation.

Another working version is the re-recording emulator vba-v24m-svn422 and likely others. The dokokashira door glitch will work on BGB (at least version 1.4) and on a real Game Boy system.

Methods for warping to the Hall of Fame

This section will describe the most commonly used methods to walk to the Hall of Fame.


This glitch may not work later in the game, for the reasons described in the explanation section. It has not been verified with the player having obtained more than one Pokémon and more than two items.

The player needs:

  1. A Japanese version of Pokémon Red, Pokémon Green or Pokémon Blue. Pocket Monsters Pikachu and the localizations will not work.
  2. Two items in the items pack (these will be a Potion and Oak's Parcel in the steps below).
  3. One Pokémon.

Initial steps

1. Start a new game and withdraw the potion from your PC, or obtain a potion from the NPC on Route 1, and continue the game normally until you obtain Oak's Parcel. The number of Potions you get does not matter.

2. Open the items pack outside of battle. If you are using version 1.0 of Pocket Monsters Red or Green (your cartridge will have a 00, 20 or 22 written on it), then you can perform the first step of this glitch by selecting an item from within battle, but the ability to swap Pokémon or invalid Pokémon around from directly in battle was removed in revision A (12A or 22A on the cartridge) and Pocket Monsters Blue.

3. Press the select button on the second item (normally Oak's Parcel, but the item there doesn't matter).

4. Exit the menu via B,B or return to the battle interface via B (Red/Green version 1.0).

5. If not already in battle (Red/Green Rev A or Japanese Blue), enter a battle now without opening the menu again.

6. Open the party screen (from battle) and choose the first Pokémon to swap the non-existing second Pokémon with the first. It is now an 'Anedepami'.

7. Enter the FIGHT screen. This is important, because it prevents an 'endless healing loop' where after you black out your first Pokémon is still fainted.

8. Either run away from battle, or defeat the enemy Pokémon (defeating the opponent allows the player to 'battle with' "Anedepami" even though practically your starter is still out, but the game may freeze if the opponent uses a move.

Method #1

First, make sure you follow the initial steps written above under the initial steps heading.

The following method has since been obsoleted:

1. Activate the glitch in Route 1 and enter Pallet Town (the music and palette will change).

2. Travel 81-84 steps, no more, not returning to Route 1 (or you'll have to go back to step 1 of this section), and landing the final step in the Rival's house door. Note that Professor Oak will be outside. Talking to him makes him say his speech for if the player tried to walk into one of the first two available grass tiles with no Pokémon, but nothing noticeable happens after that.

3. From Route 7, travel any number of steps to the west and enter the Celadon Mansion building or the Celadon Pokémon Center. You should notice water tiles have appeared. Ignore them.

4. Exit and walk to the right entrance of Celadon Department Store in the most linear way possible, landing the final step on the Celadon Department Store door.

5. If you chose the Celadon Mansion building you will warp to the Hall of Fame directly, and it will register your Pokémon even though the map looks glitchy. If you chose the Pokémon Center, you will warp to Lance's room and from there you can walk up to Blue's room, and from there to the Hall of Fame, where your Pokémon will be registered and you can watch the credits. You don't need to fight Blue, and he will actually disappear, with Professor Oak appearing at the entrance to his room.

Method #2

The following method is currently the standard for dokokashira door glitch TASes.

  1. Activate the glitch in Route 1 and enter Pallet Town (the music and palette will change).
  2. Travel 45-48 steps, landing the final step in the Rival's house door.
  3. From Route 16, attempt to walk down the top-right corner of the house where the girl who gives players the Fly HM is located.
  4. The player will warp directly to the Celadon City lookout station. Save here in case you encounter a wild Pokémon later.
  5. Go through the right-most exit and walk nine tiles east. You should be one tile west of the tree. Walk down until you hit a wall (you will go through the bush even if you see it). If you encounter a wild Pokémon reset the game and try again.
  6. Proceed eastwards to Celadon City. Stop when the palette changes and the music changes to Celadon City's theme.
  7. Walk two steps right, four steps up, eight steps right, and one step up, landing the final step on the right-most Celadon Department Store door. You will warp directly to the Hall of Fame, and it will register your Pokémon even though it looks glitchy.

Method #3

This method makes use of only one 'dokokashira warp', but it takes many steps.

  1. Activate the glitch in Route 1 and enter Pallet Town (the music and palette will change).
  2. Enter Professor Oak's lab.
  3. F335 (Echo RAM for D335) will change to FF. Walk 548-551 steps (137×4) and land the last step through the right exit mat warp. Ignore any '(x)は ちからつきた' (fainted Pokémon) messages on the way.

The player will warp directly to the Hall of Fame. If they want to pass through Blue's Pokémon League room, they can walk eight steps less.

It may be easier to count 136 sets of four steps to the right wall/back to the mat, or 68 sets of eight steps to the right wall and back to the mat. Afterwards, the player can walk four more steps and land their last step through the right mat exit.

Eevee Trick

The Eevee Trick, discovered by Pawny (among non-Japanese native people[clarification needed]) allows you to 'patch' the effects of the Hall of Fame on your save file. It also allows you to get up to 25 Eevee. After you watch the credits after warping to the Hall of Fame and reload your save file, you will be outside of your house with the dokokashira door glitch's warping effect still active.

Travel the same amount of steps required to warp to Route 7, then travel to the right-most back entrance of the Celadon Mansion and enter it (the amount of steps required to enter the mansion don't really matter). Do not enter the left-most entrance or you'll warp to somewhere else.

Go up the stairs and through the door for the small building within the building, then you can obtain Eevee from the item ball up to 25 times (so you fill both your party and box 1). The item ball will disappear once you exit the building.


Please see: Select glitch for further information.

This select button glitch involves the player putting the end party terminator (hex:FF) at the top of the party. Before the player delivers Oak's Parcel, they must have only obtained one Pokémon in normal circumstances, so the end party terminator directly follows the first Pokémon.

When the player swaps the second Pokémon with the first via the select button glitch with a Potion and Oak's Parcel (this involves highlighting the second item with select, exit with B, B, entering battle, going to 'Pokémon' and pressing A on the first Pokémon to swap it) it confuses the game into thinking that Pokémon past the sixth position are real Pokémon because the terminator located at D125 (second Pokémon) is missing. In actuality, their data is not used for real Pokémon data and the data is used for other things, as the game uses simple extrapolation.

The terminator is normally placed at the address D123 (number of Pokémon) plus its value, plus one, so here it is at D123+1+1=D125.

Some of these Pokémon may be poisoned, so whenever the player walks four steps, the game will likely decrease a certain value following the sixth Pokémon data by 1, thinking it was a Pokémon's hitpoints data, but it is the hitpoints of no valid Pokémon. The HP reduction cannot occur where there is an FF, and the process only affects values before the first FF from D124 (the second Pokémon).

When performing the glitch just after obtaining Oak's Parcel from a newly made save file, there will be many non FF values past the address D124, and the first FF value will be located much further on from that address.

In order to alter the wrong warps every four steps, three criteria are necessary.

  • The 199th Pokémon must be poisoned (F337 (Echo RAM for D337) must have bit 0x3 set; as it does for the 0x0C value loaded into D337 upon entering Pallet Town). Note that even though this Pokémon is in fact poisoned, the poison screen transition/sound effect may not occur. D337 is the x-coordinate of the Professor Oak's laboratory door warp.
  • F334/F335 (D334/F335) (the 199th Pokémon's current HP; 0 to 65535) must first be a 16-bit value greater than 0 (otherwise the wrong warp is always Pallet Town because poison does not underflow a fainted Pokémon's HP).
    • Additionally, if it is possible to adjust F334 to a value over 0 (so F334-F335 represents 256*n as the HP where n>0, it is possible to access relatively high warp IDs as in this case, F335 will wrap around from 0x00 (Pallet Town) to 0xFF (glitch map 255) and below whenever F334 is decremented (a loss of 256 HP). From 0xFF it will take 255*4 steps to become 0x00, after which taking another four steps decrements F334 by 1 and sets F335 to 0xFF. This process of having to walk 256*4 steps to underflow from 0x00 from 0xFF repeats, until F334 becomes 0x00 as well - from there on the wrong warp is always Pallet Town as above.
  • There must be no 0xFF before D1EA and after D124.

F335 (Echo RAM for D335) stores the map that the player will warp to when they enter a 'dokokashira warp' (see the planning a path section for more information). F334 is the index number of the entrance point ('index') of the map, for instance a value of 0x00 is the left-side of the carpet in Blue's house, and 0x01 is the right-side of the carpet.

On a later save file that has made certain progress, it may be impossible to pull off the warping around part of the glitch. This is because there may be addresses in the memory preceding D1EA which are FF.

If the player has obtained more than one Pokémon, there will normally be FFs following the number of Pokémon they have in the party[clarification needed] even if the current number of Pokémon is less than the most Pokémon they had in the party in the past. If the player obtains the most amount of Pokémon they previously had in the party through the storage box (at most 6), they can pull off the glitch by swapping [number of Pokémon in the party +1] with the first Pokémon, but there may still be addresses before D1EA that are FF, so the warping may not work. The 'Professor Oak is outside' part of the glitch may work without the warping.

Planning a path

Based on the mechanics above, the following equation can be used to calculate the map ID that you will end up:

MapID = [value in memory address F335 (D335)]-(Steps/4)

"MapID" is the index number of the map you want. For a list of index numbers, see Bulbapedia's list of Generation I locations by index number.

"Steps" is the number of steps you need to take.

F335 starts at a constant (which is reduced due to poison) which depends on the current map and the value is reset to that constant upon entering and exiting certain 'incompatible' warps or connections, such as the connection from Route 1 to Pallet Town, the player's house or Professor Oak's laboratory, or Celadon City's Pokémon Center.

There will be one (or possibly more) 'dokokashira' warp(s) that set the player's current location to the value stored in F335.

Please refer to the following table for a list of map constants and 'dokokashira' warps:

Location Map constant (F335, decimal) The warp location
Pallet Town 39 Blue's house
Virdian City 42 Poké Mart
Pewter City 52 Pewter Museum
Cerulean City 63 House next to the Cerulean Pokémon Center
Vermilion City 90 Pokémon Fan Club
Lavender Town 142 Pokemon Tower
Celadon City 122 Celadon Department Store, right entrance.
Celadon Mansion back and right-most entrance.
Fuchsia City 153 House with NPCs discussing Bill
Saffron City 177 Fighting Dojo
Cinnabar Island 166 Cinnabar Gym

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  • The name 'dokokashira door' is similar to 'Dokodemo Door' (Japanese: どこでもドア, anywhere door), a gadget from the manga and anime Doraemon which is popular in Japan. The Dokodemo Door allows others who enter it to warp to an arbitrary distant place.