Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury

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Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury
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Developer(s) Webfoot Technologies
Publisher(s) Atari
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance
Release date(s) September 14, 2004 (North America)

Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury has a few glitches, described below:

255 Senzu Beans

This glitch is relatively easy to pull off. At the point after the fight with Videl and Spopovitch, when Goku goes to get a Senzu bean for Gohan so that he can give it to Videl. The player must then fly to Kami's Lookout and head for Korin's Tower. After this they must talk to Yajirobe, who gives the player a Senzu Bean. The player must then leave Kami's Lookout and eat the Senzu Bean on the world map. Then they must fly back to Papaya Island again and talk to Gohan, who takes the Senzu Bean (despite the fact that the player has already eaten the bean). The next time the player looks at their inventory, they will have 255 Senzu beans.

Why does this happen? Well for starters, eating the Senzu Bean means that the player doesn't have any. However, when Gohan takes the "Imaginary" Senzu Bean the game gets confused about how many the player should actually have, which causes it to warp around to the maximum (255).

A video of this can be found here.

Failed Fusion Game Crash

To do this the player must fuse incorrectly on a World Map circle followed by pressing A while standing on it. The graphics glitch up and the screen goes black on the world map with the music stuck. This happens because the game is trying to load data for a set of sprites that simply do not exist so the game freaks out and dies.

A video of this can be found here.

Garbled Graphics on Save File Select Screen

To do this the player must incorrectly fuse on a save circle and then save. They must then reset the game and go to the savefile select screen. Upon highlighting it, the Failed Fusion Character's graphics will be garbled up on the savefile Select screen. starting up the game with the character selected and waiting for them to defuse, fixes this.

The video for this can be found in the glitch listed above this one.

Avoid Musaka

To do this The player must have played up to the part in the Great Saiyaman saga where Gohan goes to rescue the Chobi the Pteranodon. After the fight with the Red Shark gang if the player goes down into the area that Gohan runs to fleeing the scene, a little sequence will start up showing Gohan's concern that Chobi's parents will come to the city and Musaka showing off Chobi to spectators. However if the player goes back up into the previous area and goes around they can avoid this sequence all to together and head straight to Musaka's Circus to rescue Chobi. The player can also activate this sequence later by simply walking to the Trigger point. Interestingly the message gets pretty funny when you activate it with any of the other characters.

A video for this can be found here.

Super Saiyan on the World Map

To perform this go to Kami's Lookout and Transform into a Super Saiyan. Then go into the bedroom and press A in front of the window and the player will fly out. When you end up on the World Map you will be Super Saiyan. With the exception of Vegeta, the characters only have forward and backward animations. The graphics glitch up while turning on the world map. Any other time when exiting to the world map via a world map circle the player turns back to normal before flying off. However, due to how the window is handled in Kami's Lookout this does not happen.

A video of this can be found here.