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A battle with a Level 223 Bad Egg and a Level 48 Floatzel, using Marley to enable wild double battles.

It is possible to encounter glitch Pokémon in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, using a sub-glitch of the Generation IV version of the Pomeg glitch, or alternatively Union Room wrong-warping glitch. However, these glitch Pokémon may freeze the game upon encounter (if not immediately).

This technique was documented by BUGLITCH and RETIRE.


First the player needs to obtain six all fainted Pokémon.

An exact formula to find the correct Pomeg glitch requirements is unknown, however, a Level 99 Azumarill that has 244 HP EVs and 32 HP left will work for this, if the Pomeg Berry is used to reduce its HP to 65532, and then a Rare Candy to raise its HP to 65536, which is regarded as 0 HP.

Next the player must enter a wild double battle (via a stat trainer) or double Trainer battle.

For wild battles, there will be a high chance that the game will freeze before the battle starts, but on some low chance cases at least one glitch Pokémon will appear (but as of now, only Bad Eggs).


The glitch was originally thought to work in the Great Marsh, but this is believed to have been an emulation error.

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