Evolution audio glitch (Gold/Silver Nintendo Space World 1997 demo)

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The evolution audio glitch occurs in Pokémon Gold and Silver Nintendo Space World 1997 demos, in at least in the builds that were anonymously leaked in 2018.

During the evolution sequence of a Pokémon, if the player presses B the music will stick as the evolution music until a new battle or map connection (does not include warp tiles) is loaded. Likewise, the same behavior will occur if the evolution sequence completes, but with the music muted instead.

It is not known whether any legitimately obtainable Pokémon in the demo can evolve, however.

The glitch is theoretically possible by obtaining glitch Pokémon 0x00 with a Select glitch and raising it to Level 12, where it will evolve into Pidgey. However, this glitch Pokémon may be difficult to raise, gains experience slowly and could faint before it reaches this level.

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