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False types are glitch types in Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow which share their name with a valid type.

There are two types of false types; placeholder types and hex:80+ types.

All have no weaknesses but glitch moves with are always 1× effective against other Pokémon.

Placeholder types

The placeholder types are eleven "NORMAL" types with index numbers between 9-19 (hex:09-13), just before the Fire-type.

These types possibly exist because internally all types with IDs hex:14 and beyond deal special damage, and all types before hex:14 deal physical damage. As there are less than 19 physical types these types occupy unused spaces.

Hex 80+ types

The hex:80+ types are 27 types with index numbers between 128-154 (hex:80-9A). There is one hex:80 type with the name of every real type each, and eleven additional "NORMAL" types.

These types exist for a different reason; the name pointer for the types are taken from that of the type modulo 128, rather than what would be the name pointer.

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