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A Bulbasaur hybrid

Generation IV hybrids refer to a group of 494 nameless glitch Pokémon in Generation IV.

These glitch Pokémon consist of a copy of the ----- glitch Pokémon and 493 glitch Pokémon with a copy of an existing Pokémon's sprite.

Generation IV hybrids have index numbers ranging between hex:8000 and hex:81ED. Other freezing hybrids occupy YY00-YYED (and possibly YYEE-YYFF), where YY>01.

There is no known way to obtain a Generation IV hybrid without cheating or hacking the game. It is possible to obtain one with a party Pokémon modifier code or a fossil modifier Action Replay code.


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Level-up moves

Level Move
Start Covet
Start Present
Start Unknown glitch move
1 Leer
1 Pin Missile
1 Cut
1 Fire Punch
1 Rock Tomb
1 Double-Edge
3 Peck
3 Horn Drill
5 GrassWhistle
6 Fake Tears
6 Absorb
6 Future Sight
9 Poison Fang
10 Refresh
11 Outrage
13 Endure
15 GrassWhistle
15 Fire Fang
16 Gyro Ball
17 Low Kick
18 Growl
18 GrassWhistle
20 Power Gem
23 Heart Swap
23 Metal Claw
24 Foresight
27 Spore
32 Frenzy Plant
33 Peck
33 Sand Tomb
33 Howl
34 Thief
34 Rock Polish
37 Chatter
38 Encore
38 Zap Cannon
39 Low Kick
39 Bulk Up
40 Quick Attack
42 Chatter
42 Signal Beam
46 Hi Jump Kick
47 Shadow Punch
47 Hidden Power
49 Focus Punch
52 Trump Card
52 Heal Order
58 Hypnosis
59 Struggle
59 Stomp
63 Avalanche

TM/HM moves

  • TM16 Light Screen
  • TM57 Charge Beam

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