Generation I and II international linking

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By Glitch City Laboratories nomenclature, this subject of this article classes as a link exploit. Notes: {{{1}}}

Generation I and II international linking actions suffer from glitches, e.g. between Japanese and English language versions, or additionally for Pokémon Gold and Silver which are the only Generation I-II core games to have been officially localised for South Korea, when the Korean version (in addition to languages between Japanese and non-Japanese versions) is involved. The action of linking internationally between the Japanese and English versions was not intended, with Nintendo warning against it. [citation needed]

Linking between English, French, German, Italian, Spanish language versions however is mainly compatible. For in-game trade Pokémon with the OT "TRAINER"; this is translated (not necessarily as a feature, but because "TRAINER" in the name is actually a control character which differs between languages). Linking between Korean and English versions will work, but can suffer from additional glitches.

Later, the Virtual Console releases disable trades and link battles if the two Nintendo 3DS systems do not have matching regions from one of the following groups: JP, NA, EU, KO. (It's currently unknown how this works for AU and Taiwan/Hong Kong regions, though)

Specifically, the wrong data is transferred commonly resulting in game freezes (with reported warning from others e.g. on the Internet of 'save data loss'), though with proper preparation, this can be abused for exploits such as international trade exploits and international Korean-language specific trade abuse.