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Generation II glitch Egg (Crystal) (FD) ????? (FE) ????? (FF)

Please note that some of the data described here may not be fully reliable if it depends on the contents of writable memory, such as RAM; WRAM; SRAM.

Bulbapedia link ????? (Crystal FE)
Equivalent glitch Pokémon ????? (Gold/Silver FE)
Equivalent Pokémon (Generation I) MissingNo. (hex:38)
Index number (hex) FE
Index number (dec) 254
Pokédex number
Pokédex marker byte 0x91
Breeding result (when glitch Pokémon is female or paired with Ditto) ????? (FE)
Type(s) 0x80 ("Normal")/
0x91 ("Normal")
Category 's magma.
Base happiness
Egg group Water 3/Water 1
Color Gold
Catch rate constant 0x93
Experience group 0x88
Level 50:95289
Level 100: 1110639
Experience yield 0x8E
Height □0'16
Weight 3649.7lb
Gender ratio Male if Attack DV>7 (8 males to 8 females)
Wild held item Teru-Sama (hex:91)
Teru-Sama (hex:93) (unconfirmed)
Sprite dimensions 56×56 px

FE (????? FE) is a dual-type 0x80 ("Normal")/0x91 ("Normal") glitch Pokémon in Pokémon Crystal, with an index number of hex:FE (dec:254).


By level up

  • Aurora Beam (Level 2)
  • Double Kick (Level 2)
  • Pin Missile (Level 6)
  • Dragonbreath (Level 10)
  • Comet Punch (Level 17)
  • Petal Dance (Level 30)
  • Return (Level 33)
  • Gust (Level 40)
  • Mimic (Level 42)
  • Sandstorm (Level 48)
  • Fly (Level 62)
  • Whirlpool (Level 71)
  • Flail (Level 79)


  • TM03 Curse
  • TM08 Rock Smash
  • TM13 Snore
  • TM15 Hyper Beam
  • TM18 Rain Dance
  • TM24 Dragonbreath
  • TM32 Double Team
  • TM33 Ice Punch
  • TM34 Swagger
  • TM37 Sandstorm
  • TM40 Defense Curl
  • TM43 Detect
  • TM48 Fire Punch
  • TM49 Fury Cutter
  • HM03 Surf
  • HM06 Whirlpool
  • HM07 Waterfall

(Source: Yuzihax's G/S/C TM/HM list)

By Move Tutor

  • MT01 Flamethrower
  • MT02 Thunderbolt
  • MT03 Ice Beam

(Source: Yuzihax's G/S/C TM/HM list)

Base stats

Base stats Level 50 stat range Level 100 stat range
HP: 147 207-253 404-497
Attack: 139 144-190 283-376
Defense: 132 137-183 269-362
Speed: 80 85-131 165-258
Special Attack: 80 85-131 165-258
Special Defense: 150 155-201 305-398

Pokédex entry

Type effectiveness

(Data not available)



Level 3 →



Level 20 →



Level 48 →


Methods to obtain

  1. Byte shifting via (00) or (FF) (available through stabilizing a bad clone or arbitrary code execution) (e.g. byte shift a total experience of 254 or 65024-65279; unconfirmed).
  2. ????? party overloading roaming Pokémon manipulation (254 Attack).
  3. Arbitrary code execution (e.g. through 0x1500 control code arbitrary code execution, TM33 outside of the TM/HM pocket; glitch Pokédex mode 9).


This glitch Pokémon can be safely caught when forced on the opponent's side, and does not have the party cloaking effects that ????? (00) and ????? (FF) have.

It has the 'water Pokémon' menu-sprite used by Lapras.

Additional sprites

The front sprites of this glitch Pokémon may be affected based on the location it is encountered, whether an item was used, and the previous enemy battle sprite.