Glitch Egg backsprite Trainer (Pokémon Gold)

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A battle with the Glitch Egg backsprite Trainer.

The Glitch Egg backsprite Trainer is a glitch Trainer who is available as a Trainer in the Trainer House in Pokémon Gold. It will appear after the player attempts to load Generation II glitch Egg (Gold)'s problematic backsprite in that version.

The name of this glitch Trainer may be blank, and for unknown reasons may reset the game in a Glitch Dimension, however on one case it was possible to battle it by immediately warping to Viridian City without saving after causing the necessary corruption and entering the Trainer House without its name freezing, for reasons unknown.

With a memory editor, a 0x50 may also be written to SRAM address ABFE to prevent this glitch Trainer's name from freezing the game.

The roster of this glitch Trainer may include six Level 0 Primeape and the first Primeape may cause the game to lock up after being sent out. This is due to a recurring 00 39 pattern being written to the SRAM, where 0x39 is Primeape's ID.