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The glitch blackboard texts are entries for the blackboard texts in Viridian City other than SLP, BRN, PSN, FRZ, PAR, and QUIT.

Each entry for text on the Viridian City school blackboard is indexed. Invalid entries can be forced by writing to CC26. To preserve it, the player can lock CC26 to a specific value with OAM DMA hijacking (requiring another form of arbitrary code execution such as the glitch item 4F).

The pointer table ViridianBlackboardStatusPointers for text sources are at 17:5DCC in Red/Blue and 17:5E30 in Pokémon Yellow.

Arbitrary code execution example

Various glitch blackboard text entries are sourced from RAM. In Pokémon Red(/Blue?), the glitch entry 0x1C is sourced from FACD (Echo RAM for DACD); the Defense EV of the second stored Pokémon in the current box. So outside of emulation which doesn't emulate Echo RAM correctly (e.g. Stadium Game Boy Tower), having it as 08 makes the text execute code from DACE onward. Here, the player can have their own code such as one to call the Hall of Fame function.

(An example to set this up: with reusable RAM writer, write to D322 onward - 3E 1C EA 26 CC C9 and DACD onward 08 0e 16 26 64 2e bb 41 40 cd d6 35 c9 then at FF82-FF80 backwards D3 22 C3)

YouTube video by Evie (ChickasaurusGL)
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