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The 0xF9 box-set in Pokémon Red and Blue
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Reason given: Trade/Cancel box corruption outside of trade screen, as well as remnance of the boxes

In addition to regular choice sets like Yes/No, glitch box-sets are glitch sets of choices in the Pokémon games.

The box-set memory address is D12C (D12B in Yellow). In Japanese versions, it is D0F1.

In Pokémon Red and Blue

Glitch box-sets may appear as a side effect of Super Glitch due to the corruption of D12C. This depends on the saved screen data refreshed by opening the Pokémon or items menu (or another applicable menu) at the time.

After the glitch is activated, attempting to save from the Start menu or getting the prompt to switch Pokémon in battle will bring up the glitch box-set instead. The glitch box-set can be removed either by choosing to heal Pokémon at the Pokémon Center or saving by changing boxes and resetting (however the latter can destroy the save if the player's name if a 0x50 byte is not present on the player's 11th name character or less.

An example of a particularly useful box-set is the 0xF9 box-set in Pokémon Red and Blue. Modifying D12C does not change the effects of the choices, but rather it is the corruption caused by an excessively large text box that can corrupt the memory.