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Contact FF seen as the second contact on the Pokégear's phone section. It has a name that varies.

A glitch contact or glitch caller is an invalid 'phone number' found in the Pokégear in Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal.

This article at present will only describe Generation II glitch contacts, as others have not been documented well, if at all.

In the past they were only available through a cheating device, but in TheZZAZZGlitch's Pokémon Gold glitched in 1:30:08.36 tool assisted speed-run, contact FF was made available via Coin Case arbitrary code execution without cheats.

Some glitch contacts use glitchy names, while others use real sounding names, such as Pokémon Gold/Silver's "Whitney: Leader" (hex:55) or "Grunt: Youngster" (hex:56).

Glitch contacts may only be available to call at certain times of the day.


When a glitch contact is called or when the player receives a phone call from them (this may be possible to force with the GameShark code 01048FD1 depending on the contact or through the Daylight Saving Time exploit), they can cause a variety of glitch effects, like freezes, Glitch Dimensions and effects that are unique like:

  • Gold/Silver's hex:AF giving the player a Master Ball, then freezing the game when called.
  • Crystal's hex:5D ("Jessica: Copies a move") giving the player a HM06, then freezing the game when called.
  • When a player is about to be called by Gold/Silver's hex:D8, they will wander around before hex:D8 rings, and again after the call ends. The player may get trapped. The player is able to walk through walls and access Glitch City through this contact when the player wanders around.
  • Certain glitch callers may play the credits, including Gold/Silver's hex:A9, hex:B6, hex:E2 and hex:FF.

These behaviors make use of Generation II event scripts.

GameShark codes

In Pokémon Gold/Silver, the code 01xxC6D9 replaces the player's first contact in the phone section of the Pokégear, where xx should be replaced with the hexadecimal identifier of the glitch contact (such as D8, mentioned above).

If the player wants to be contacted by the glitch caller (rather than the other way around), they should also enable the code 01048FD1, which makes certain contacts call you after a short period of time.

In Pokémon Crystal, the equivalent first contact changing code is 01xx7CDC.

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