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Glitch decorations are a special type of glitch item for a Secret Base in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.

In Pokémon Emerald, decorations 121-255 (0x79-0xFF) are invalid and manifest as glitch decorations.

Glitch decorations may also bring up unusual placing screens, such as a placing screen with the protagonist outside of the room.

Some glitch decorations can be obtained with Pomeg data corruption glitch. Others are theoretically possible with arbitrary code execution.

It appears glitch decoration names and descriptions may also be viewed with the excessive doll arrangement glitch in Japanese Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.


  • Memory corruption glitch decorations: These glitch decorations cause heavy memory corruption to the RAM. This could be due to an excessively long description (such as repeating "qÁF". Typical effects can include game freezes or odd behavior after viewing the Pokémon menu or Trainer Card.
  • Placeable glitch decorations: These glitch decorations can be placed in the room, and are visible. However, they may disappear after exiting and re-entering the Secret Base. Example: 'portable hole' glitch decorations
  • Placeable, but invisible glitch decorations: These glitch decorations can be placed in the room, but appear to be invisible.
  • No known way of placing

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