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A glitch start menu option

Glitch start menu options are glitch options which exist in the Pokémon games.

These glitch options may appear via cheat codes or OAM DMA hijacking (for Game Boy games) after the player opens the menu with Start from the overworld.

In Generation II, just like glitch items and many other glitch things which execute code, glitch start menu options have their own unique effects.

Examples (Pokémon Gold and Silver)

0x30: Corrupts the overworld and player movement, similar to Pokémon Yellow glitch item "Lg-" (hex:6E)

0x88: Text "That's too impor-tant to toss out!" (edit: used when attempting to toss a key item in the PC)

0x89: Brings up a Yes/No box. Unknown effect if you choose "Yes". Choosing "No" may freeze the game.

0xA1: Brings up "There's nothing to CUT here." in many places. If used within grass or in front of a tree the game may cut it. Requires the relevant badge.

0xA4: Brings up "Can't use that here." or seemingly 'nothing happens' in a cave. Does not require a badge.

0xA9: May bring up give/take options with flashing colours (but not always). Depending on unknown variables, selecting give may bring up the inventory or freeze the game. Take may attempt to take a hold item from a Pokémon.

0xAA: Brings up the move information menu for party Pokémon. Using this it is possible to view and modify the order of moves for glitch Pokémon. The overworld may also become corrupted.

0xC9: May attempt to take an item from a party Pokémon (usually party Pokémon 1) and return the message it isn't holding anything if it isn't. If it is holding an item, the game will successfully take the item. It is possible to change the party Pokémon involved by pressing A on it (but you don't need to view its summary) in the Pokémon menu.


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