Glitch status ailments

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Glitch status ailments are poorly documented glitch status ailments in addition to Burn, Freeze, Sleep, Poison, Badly Poisoned, Confusion.

In Generation I

Though there is a chance that these exist, the only confirmed details are through indirect confirmation.

  • When activating the TMTRAINER effect, the enemy Pokémon can acquire a simultaneous frozen solid/hurt by its Burn affliction, usually causing it to faint in one turn, even if it has lots of HP. (This applies if the player previously opened the Pokémon menu in battle just before activating CoolTrainer effect.
  • The Pokémon status ailment addresses (like D16F; affecting party Pokémon 1) are meant to read bit flag values (bits 1-8 or 2^(0-7)). As there are only a limited number of status ailments, a large number of bit combinations are never used. Glitches such as large storage box byte shift glitch and arbitrary code execution allow the player to obtain them. The GameShark code 01xx6FD1 will modify the status ailment of Pokémon 1; but glitch values will use one of the normal labels like "SLP".

In Generation VIII

  • "Dummy_Abnormal Status Ailment" (ダミー_状態異常) is an unused graphic in Pokémon Sword and Shield. It is currently unclear if an error handler exists that triggers it. (Reported by Rikan on The Cutting Room Floor)