Glitch weather effects (Generation II)

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Yet another novelty (currently at least, since current research only allows arbitrary code execution to access these or a classical cheating device/hacking) and glitch things are the glitch weather effects (Generation II), which run every turn; in extension to the valid sun, rain and sandstorm (related; Sandstorm is subject to the Sandstorm Spikes glitch; only relatively recently discovered thanks to the disassembly projects and veteran Rangi, not directly but in relation to Spikes).

These are controlled by (as far as the English versions are concerned; at least, CBE8 (Gold) or it's possible the other addresses except the Korean version are the same) memory address; there is no protection from executing an arbitrary pointer from the BUS this way. Although glitch weather may corrupt the stack, coincidentally 0x10 in EN Gold/Silver works well with Epsilon's memory editor; since the setup coordinated by them and User:Evie (Torchickens) points close to each other; i.e. Echo RAM FA57 and coincidentally Epsilon's code fixes the stack - research in a sense was finished by pure luck; without strategies of fixing the stack without the editor (the more recent one by another user, similar to the classic offgao's memory editor and its adaptions may have not been properly tested with glitch weather(?) as of yet).

It is a complementary in-battle arbitrary code execution method for Generation II (since wrong pocket TMs and HMs, Coin Case glitch,glitch Pokédex sortings (some others do exist; e.g. Type 0xD0 move glitch usually require them to be set up and exploited out of battle; (indexed) TMs for instance and the Coin Case, Pokédex, cannot be used in battle).

At least two in-battle ACEs are possible(?), as such;

Other options (may) include any buffer overflows in general, such as poorly documented ????? encounter corruptions; and reportedly poorly documented behavior if the player fights with 255 Pokémon to access arbitrary code execution, after selecting fight; yet these remain in conception and conceptual glitches may be proved unviable without the aid of extra arbitrary code execution in the first place.

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YouTube video by ChickasaurusGL Evie