Go on Cycling Road without a Bicycle

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This glitch allows players to gain access to Cycling Road without a Bicycle.


  1. Go to Celadon City and travel towards Cycling Road without a Bicycle in the items pack.
  2. Travel to the northern most point possible and start walking towards the left exit.
  3. When the guard starts talking to the player, he or she should keep holding the left button. Doing this will allow the player to get past him and onto the road.

Upon exiting, the player will be on a Bicycle even though the Bicycle was not in the items pack. This is because the game assumes that the player has a Bicycle if he or she was able to get past the guard.


There are actually only two points where the player needs to be holding the left button: First when closing the "Excuse me! Wait up please!" text box (this will cause the player to move left a step before the second text box opens), and then immediately after the player is forced to move right one step.

Also, after closing the first text box, the player must not be holding A. Thus spamming A to close the first text box may cause the glitch to fail. Spamming B has no negative effects.

Interestingly, this glitch may or may not work from the left side. If the player, beginning from facing left or up, walks right to the front of the guard in a nonstop motion (this includes from one step away), then the glitch will work as above. If the player ever stops on the way of walking right, then when closing the "Excuse me! Wait up please!" text box while holding left, the player will turn to the left but not move.

Video Demonstration

YouTube video by zachtheglitchbuster