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This is a list of the behaviors for invalid (glitch) D05E values (hit flags) in Pokémon Red and Blue.


  • Kelvinv


  • 00 No hit flag
  • 01 Critical Hit
  • 02 OHKO
  • 03 Empty text box with looping level up sound
  • 04 Empty text box with sounds. Game will continue normally with victory theme.
  • 05 Empty text box with move sounds. after a while will be scrollable with glitchy trainer theme. Then glitch text will appear with many sounds. Eventually overwrites bottom of screen with 9's. Eventually will cause something similar to Super Glitch, at which point it not respond anymore to button inputs
  • 06 Empty textbox with sounds. After a while causes text box with Name of current pokémon to appear. Then after wards many glitch texts with PC Characters appear. games continues normally after wards
  • 07 Nothing happens
  • 08 Empty textbox with level up sounds. After a while game continues normally
  • 09 48 error
  • 0A empty text box with sounds and glitchy music. After pressing A presses some sounds play again. Locks up
  • 0B plays some cries, then various errors appear depending on RAM (Most commonly 948 and 956
  • 0c: A48 error and changes music to victory.
  • 0d: Many glitch text boxes with sounds, Afterwards game continues normally
  • 0e: same as 0b
  • 0f: empty textbox with sounds, locks up
  • 10 displays empty text box with sounds, then freezes game with bar freeze
  • 11 same effect as 0a
  • 12 same as 09
  • 13 j 48 error
  • 14 48 56 error can also play cries before error.
  • 15 48 or 56 error
  • 16 many empty textboxes appear then a glitch text will appear, enemy sprite then has a glitch tile on it
  • 17 Textbox with glitch sounds and victory theme, after scrolling a few time (with theme restarting screen will flash and after a while screen turns in a weird mostly white , and then wild theme starts to play, then pressing a causes it to restart with glitch sounds. Then game continues normally but still with glitched palette.
  • 18 Empty text box followed by text both with glitch text and then 456 error
  • 19 Short emptyy text box with move sound effect
  • 1a: same as 09
  • 1b: same again
  • 1c: Empty textbox appears, then a sped up theme is played which sounds similar to victory theme. Locks up
  • 1d: causes centered error message starting with numbers
  • 1e: same as 09
  • 1f: loads glitch text box with, then causes bar freeze.
  • 20: causes glitch text boxes, which play many sounds, the text comes outside the border. eventually game becomes normal again with victory theme playing and with player sprite partially glitched.
  • 21: Empty text box, lower part eventually fills with number 4056382. Eventually game comes back to normal.
  • 22 Enemy fainted
  • 23 Glitch text box that eventually fills up with a short glitchy text containing 4, with sounds. Eventually plays glitchy evolution theme, with text box filled up even more. Eventually locks up
  • 24 empty text box with many sounds, eventually plays glitchy victory theme. Locks up
  • 25 many catched pokémon sounds, then bottom half of textbox is erased. Eventually same thing happens as in 24
  • 26 empty text box with sounds that eventually can be scrolled, next textbox causes the same effect. Glitchy battle theme is played during these text boxes, and continues afterwards.
  • 27 causes text box with pokédollar symbol and many numbers to appear with many sounds playing. Eventually locks up
  • 28 sounds with emoty text box, then game continues normally
  • 29 empty text box appears with many move sounds playing, with gym battle theme. sprite of opposing pokémon gets. Then text box appears with poké2poké2pokérocket(glitchtile) which then can be scrolled to a textbox with text outside the frame containg all names (Trainer, rival, current pokémon, enemy pokémon). After that game will continue normally with ....c...h under your pokémon's sprite
  • 2a text box with glitch tile appears, with sounds playing, then a glitchy evolution theme is played. eventually text box with many 03's appears and is scrollable. afterwards many more glitch textboxes appear, after a while game continues normally but with glitchy theme
  • 2b empty textbox that causes victory theme to be played, after a while textbox can be scrolled and glitch text will display, game will then lockup with glitchy victory theme. Locks up
  • 2c: glitchy text box, with many numbers, then 4(two numbers based on ram) error . Game continues normally afterwards
  • 2d: empty text box with sounds playing, Then text 0 times! enemy appears game continues normally afterwards
  • 2e blank text box that shortly plays sound that fills it self with glitch text. This then can be scrolled to reveal more glitch text and sounds. One of the texts contains the word fainted.
  • 2f causes similar effect to 29.
  • 30 Causes a text to appear with many 9's and error message with number dependent on ram.
  • 31 (numbers, dependent on ram) error
  • 32 same as 31
  • 33 same as the previous 2
  • 34 empty text box with sounds and glitchy tunes, after a while becomes scrollable, then causes text to appear with HHB as first 3 characters, mostly outside borders, eventually with glitchy battle theme