Infinite Nugget glitch

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The Infinite Nugget glitch is an oversight in English releases of Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen allowing the player to obtain infinite Nuggets. It was fixed in the Spanish and French versions, and it is unknown whether it works in the Japanese, German, or Italian versions. It does not work in Generation I games.


  1. Make sure that the Rocket Grunt at the end of the Nugget Bridge (in Route 24) has not been defeated yet.
  2. Talk to him, and he will give you a Nugget, convince you to join Team Rocket, and initiate a battle with you.
  3. Lose on purpose to this Grunt.
  4. Repeat the above two steps, and the Rocket Grunt will give you additional Nuggets and battle you each time until he is defeated.


In Generation I, this glitch does not work because you are only given one chance to battle this Rocket Grunt, regardless of whether you win or lose against him. The Spanish versions of FireRed and LeafGreen behave like Generation I; you only have one chance to battle him. Curiously, in both of these cases, if you lose to him, and you later talk to him, he will talk as if you previously defeated him.