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Bulbapedia also has an article about ItemDex/RGBY:008.
Name (transcribed): SAFARI BALL

Identifier (HEX): 08
Identifier (DEC): 008
Effect pointer: 03:5687 (ROM 3)
Unterminated name glitch item?: No
Tossable/Sellable?: No
Buy Price: 1000
Sell Price: 500
Name bytes: $92, $80, $85, $80, $91, $88, $7f, $81, $80, $8b, $8b, $50

The Safari Ball (Japanese: サファリボール Safari Ball) is an unobtainable Key Item in Pokémon Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. It behaves as a copy of the Ultra Ball[1][2] and is normally only accessible during the Safari Game battles of the Safari Zone[3][4].