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Name (transcribed): ##PC#

Identifier (HEX): 87
Identifier (DEC): 135
Effect pointer: ?
Unterminated name glitch item?: Yes
Tossable/Sellable?: Yes
Buy Price: 858784 (7#8784)
Sell Price: 429392
Name bytes: {{{9}}}

(hex:87) is a glitch item in Pokémon Yellow. It is an unterminated name glitch item.

When a 0x50 sub-tile is present early in the game's saved screen data, this glitch item will act exactly like a ????? hex:07 (also known as the 'surfboard') except the game will refer to the item as "PC". The shared effect is due to this glitch item having the same effect pointer as the equivalent item modulo 128. Additionally this item may have its quantity shown, but a copy of this glitch item is not used up.

Usually in battle without the saved screen data, the game will freeze upon using this glitch item.