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Reason given: Why the pallet is specifically glitched around the rescue team base and in dungeons? Why is leveling glitched and what causes the overflow, what determines a crash, and what patterns are there? Testing on Blue Rescue Team also needed, as is verification that it cannot learn any moves beyond scratch and growl.

Hero statue being controlled in a dungeon while the partner statue remains idle.

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Tested mainly on Red Rescue Team only.

Statue (hex:01A6) is a Water-type glitch Pokémon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team.

It is the statue which the player is able to save at during regular play. While it is unable to be played as nor appear in mystery dungeons during normal gameplay, it can be played as through use of a cheating device or memory editing. In a dungeon it erroneously appears fully black, and in the outdoor map of the rescue team base it appears with a glitched green palette.

It is classed as the Coal Pokémon and has the Ability Drizzle. In dungeons, it can walk on ground only and it has a small shadow size. Its base experience value is 14, level up may result in a game freeze. It has a recruit value of 7.

When added as a partner, it will not move in a dungeon, but it can attack. It can be "moved" by switching places. The game crashes when it is talked to. When as the partner, it still moves as normal when following the player in Pokémon Square and the base.


Showcasing the different colors of Statue in different maps.

Statue lacks any movement sprites.

In Mystery Dungeons the sprite is fully black, and this glitched appearance includes when traveling to a dungeon or friend area on the map and certain pre-battle cutscenes. Outside of the Rescue Team base the palette glitches to become green. Statue appears as normal in cutscenes, transition dungeon areas, friend areas, Pokémon Square, and post-battle cutscenes.

Information is needed on why this occurs.


Starting Moves

  • Growl
  • Scratch

By Level Up

(No known moves)


(No known moves)


A Statue levelling up twice, displaying a glitch message, and then crashing the game.
A Statue's status screen, showing the negative experience.

Statue will usually crash the game upon level up, which appears to be due to the experience being able to enter the negatives. Crashes upon level up include a random invalid address being called, a white screen freeze, or distorted lines and noises. It may also freeze before or after the level up dialogue is displayed. The level up results appear to be different every time. Sometimes Statue may jump several levels or cause allied Pokémon to level up. More research is needed.

When playing as Statue by using a cheating device or memory editing to change your hero or partner Pokémon, the game will crash when the game attempts to load a unique hero or partner sprite (such as the "victory" pose that occurs after forming a rescue team). This can be avoided by switching your starter Pokémon to a valid starter using a similar code and restarting the game. It is possible to switch back after the cutscene is finished.


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