Pokémon Yellow (JP) Game Genie codes

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This article lists Game Genie codes for Japanese Pokémon Yellow.

Unlike localizations of the game, Japanese Pokémon Yellow can work properly on a physical Game Genie.

Title screen initial screen (source: ChickasaurusGL)

Tested so far only on v1.3.

  • YYE-6EC-807 [YY=Pointer byte 2]
  • ZZE-6DC-08C [ZZ=Pointer byte 1]
  • XXE-6DC-08C [XX=Bank]


  • 40E-6EC-807
  • 71E-6DC-08C
  • 3EE-6BC-19E

Calls 3E:4071, loading the Pikachu's Beach background

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