Stat modification glitches

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In Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow there are a number of glitches related to stat modifications in battles.

Badge boost stacking

Every turn one of the player's stat boosts is modified, the 1.125 badge boost will be applied even if it was already applied. This may occur until the 999 stat cap is reached.

Attack/Speed drop stacking

When the user's Pokémon is burned or paralyzed and the foe uses a move that modifies its stat boosts/drops, the Attack or Speed drop will be applied again.

Removing an Attack/Speed drop

When the user's Pokémon is burned or paralyzed and uses a move such as Swords Dance or Agility to boost those stats the Attack/Speed drop from the burn or paralysis will be removed completely. This also applies to a paralyzed (and likely burned) Pokémon using Transform.

Youtube video

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