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Structure and formatting of the new version

A few points behind the last edit and future ones I want to make (assuming this will be the new "Major glitches" template):

  • Narrow down every category, but especially "No further extensions"
  • Use the more eye-catching and memorable name wherever possible, even if the article name is more descriptive (Roaming Pokémon encounter glitch -> Battle Tower Lati@s glitch)
  • Figure out what to do with the ACE section

Sherkel (talk) 13:48, 16 November 2019 (-06)

Also, commas and parentheses to differentiate "closer sub-glitches" should probably be removed completely. The splitting of this into one template for each section (as described in the thread) makes whatever additional specificity those may have provided not worth the inconsistent look. Sherkel (talk) 07:35, 17 November 2019 (-06)


The state of this and other templates

I've been considering removing this and all top-of-the-page templates due to the bloatedness and inevitable incompleteness of each, but for now the table format looks better than what was there before in my opinion. Sherkel (talk) 13:03, 9 July 2019 (-06)

Another obscure major glitch

Japanese websites document a glitch in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver where if you put the Nintendo DS system into Sleep Mode after watching a Vs. Recorder video or something to do with Suicune you can actually corrupt your save data. I personally haven't tried this before but it sounds interesting. --Torchickens (talk) 14:05, 15 November 2016 (-06)