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Here I will make short descriptions of move effects including those that are never used. Anyone may help. This index is currently only for english RBY. For all information on moves I used Bulbapedia, the disassembly, this site and TCRF as source.

Evie adds this old documentation covers some of the missing effects (unsure which version), but not all glitch effects.

The move effect table is most easily editable by a hex editor or by cheats on real hardware. The addresses involved are not editable in the emulator itself


There are 87 valid move effects. (Including the ones that are programmed in but not actually used in game). This leaves 169 glitch move effects. 22 of those move effects are used by glitch moves. This leaves 147 artificial move effects. Some animation pointers also influence move effects. Recover and Rest have the same effect byte but Rest involves sleeping to heal and Recover does not. The sleeping only occurs from that combination

List of effects

(00-56 are valid effects, through some for some reason cause glitched stats to be lowered)

  • 00: Causes damage without any other effect if base power is higher than 0. Otherwise causes No effect glitch move. Used by Pound, Tackle, Scratch, Vice Grip, Wing Attack, Slam, Vine Whip, Mega Kick, Horn Attack, Tackle, Water Gun, Hydro Pump, Surf, Peck, Drill Peck, Counter, Strength, Razor Leaf. Rock Throw, Earthquake, Quick Attack, Egg Bomb, Waterfall, Dizzy Punch, Crabhammer, Rock Slide, Tri Attack, Slide)
  • 01: cause the enemy to sleep (not used by any move, not even glitch ones)
  • 38: Heals the pokémon, is modified by animation byte c9 to include sleep
  • 02
  • FE: Causes damage, then crashes the game. Probably not if it knocksout the opposing pokemon