Zero maximum HP glitch

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The Zero maximum HP glitch is a recurring glitch in Generation I and Generation II core series Pokémon games.

If a Pokémon has zero maximum HP (but not 0/0 HP), attempting to view the party or its summary may result in a game freeze.

The game will lock up:

If the user's Pokémon:

  • After "Wild (POKéMON) appeared!" even if the Pokémon isn't in the first position.
  • After "Go! (x)" if the player encountered a Trainer and the Pokémon is in the first position.
  • After opening up the party.
  • After switching the relevant Pokémon. (can be avoided if an above 0xFF hides the Pokémon)

If the opponent:

  • After "Wild (POKéMON) appeared!".
  • After selecting a move.
  • After closing Fight, Item or PkMn. If PkMn is closed when the lock up occurs the party's menu sprites become invisible.

YouTube video

YouTube video by ChickasaurusGL