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'M (00)
Front sprites(?)
GB GB (grey/VC)
GB (Red) (gray) GB (Blue) (gray)
GBC (Red) GBC (Blue)
Back sprites(?)
GB GB (grey/VC)
GB (Red) (gray) GB (Blue) (gray)
GBC (Red) GBC (Blue)
Bulbapedia link 'M (00)
Equivalent glitch Pokémon 3TRAINERPOKé₽ (Yellow)
Generation II equivalent Slowpoke
Generation II Pokémon needed for Time Capsule exploit Any (hybrid between 'M (00) and another Pokémon if ????? (FF) is kept at the top). Otherwise unknown.
Name bytes D7 3D 3E 13 E0 8C CD 20 29 CD 50
Index number (hex) 00
Index number (dec) 0
Pokédex number
Pokédex marker byte 00
Pokédex flag (seen) Bit 0x7 of item 6's quantity (+128)
Pokédex flag (own) Seen Cubone
Type(s) Bird/Normal
Category ゥ R p ゥ R h
Height 23'0
Weight 880.6 lb
Palette attribute byte
Catch rate constant 0x1D
Experience group 0x1A
Experience at Level 100: 345,420
Experience at Level 255: 2,185,270
Experience yield 0x8F
Sprite dimensions (base data) 8x8
Front sprite source pointer 0x1900
Back sprite source pointer VRAM:8F37
Front sprite dimensions (actual) 13x13
Back sprite dimensions (actual) (Varies)

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'M (FF) 'M (00) MissingNo. (many index numbers)

'M (00) is a dual-type Bird/Normal-type glitch Pokémon in Pokémon Red and Blue.

3TRAINERPOKé₽ is the equivalent trade glitch Pokémon in Pokémon Yellow.

Methods to obtain

Starting moves

  • Water Gun
  • Water Gun
  • Sky Attack


'v (hex:E1)

Level 56 →

'M (00)

O (hex:FC)

Level 56 →

'M (00)

'M (00)

Level 1 →


'M (00)

Level 128 →


Pokédex data

Level-up moves

  • Pound (Level 136)

TM/HM moves

  • TM01 Mega Punch
  • TM02 Razor Wind
  • TM03 Swords Dance
  • TM05 Mega Kick
  • TM06 Toxic
  • TM09 Take Down
  • TM10 Double-Edge
  • TM11 BubbleBeam
  • TM13 Ice Beam
  • TM14 Blizzard
  • TM17 Submission
  • TM19 Seismic Toss
  • TM20 Rage
  • TM25 Thunder
  • TM26 Earthquake
  • TM27 Fissure
  • TM29 Psychic
  • TM30 Teleport
  • TM43 Sky Attack
  • TM44 Rest
  • TM45 Thunder Wave
  • TM49 Tri Attack
  • HM01 Cut
  • HM02 Fly

Base stats

Base stats Level 50 stat range Level 100 stat range
HP: 33 93 - 139 176 - 269
Attack: 136 141 - 187 277 - 370
Defense: 0 5 - 51 5 - 98
Special: 6 11 - 57 17 - 110
Speed: 29 34 - 80 63 - 156


'M (00) and MissingNo. in Red/Blue are actually the only English glitch Pokémon to be part Bird-type. The Bird-type is an unused type not to be confused with Flying-type that never made it into the final game.

When the player catches 'M (00), the battle will continue as if it hasn't been caught, but the "enemy Pokémon transformed" flag will be set, meaning that if it is caught again, it will become a Ditto and the battle will end. This is due to the battle engine using $D11C ($D11B in Yellow) to determine if the battle should end because the enemy has been caught. This address is initialized to 0 and then set to the index number of the caught Pokémon, so catching 'M (00) will not change it. However, the "enemy Pokémon transformed" flag is always set when a wild Pokémon is caught, so the next time a Ditto is caught instead, allowing the battle to end.[1]

Since 'M (00)'s Pokédex number is 000, it is considered Pokémon #256. This glitch Pokémon is popular for the duplication of item #6 in the inventory. Upon encountering 'M (00) the game will look up its encounter flag beyond the end of the table and 'register the glitch Pokémon as seen in the Pokédex' by adding 128 to item #6's quantity (if already less than 128). Specifically this sets bit 0x7 of address D329.