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The Time Capsule exploit (known previously/also known as the Johto guard glitch or Johto cloaking trick) is a glitch in Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal connected with Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow. It becomes a possible exploit after obtaining a ????? (FF) in any of those versions.

For this glitch the player needs to have access to the Time Capsule, by meeting Bill in Ecruteak City and waiting at least one day. Access to the Cable Club (the Pokédex must have been obtained) is needed on the Generation I game.

Additionally, all moves exclusive to Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal must be deleted because although ????? cloaks the Pokémon species below it, it does not hide their moves.


When the player has a ????? (FF) at the top of the party and connects to the Time Capsule, it will 'mask' the Pokémon underneath it so that Johto Pokémon are undetected (unless they have Generation II-introduced moves), which allows the player to bring Johto Pokémon into the Time Capsule to be traded into Red, Blue and Yellow where they may become an equivalent glitch Pokémon that is usually taken from a conversion table in the ROM of the Generation II game, at $FBA26 in English Gold/Silver and $FB91C in English Crystal.

In order to obtain the equivalent glitch Pokémon, the player should either switch ????? (FF) to the bottom of the party after entering the Time Capsule and before trading, or stabilize the glitch Pokémon (which would be an 'M (00) (Red/Blue)/3TRAINERPOKé ‎₽ (Yellow) and equivalent glitch Pokémon hybrid) after the trade by using the Pokémon Day Care on Route 5 in the Generation I game.

Obtaining a ????? (FF)

Obtaining a ????? (FF) is possible using the bad clone glitch in Gold, Silver, Crystal and Coin Case arbitrary code execution in English Gold, Silver.

Via the bad clone glitch

1) Obtain a bad clone.

2) Stabilize the bad clone in the Pokémon Day Care on Route 34 and it will become a ????? (00).

3) Put the ????? (00) at the top of the party and use "Move PkMn w/o Mail" to obtain a seventh Pokémon at the top of the party.

4) Stabilize the bad clone again (which should now be in the second position of the party) and it will become a ????? (FF).

5) Tidy up the party.

Via Coin Case arbitrary code execution

Main article: Coin Case glitch#Coin Case glitch#Get ????? (FF) with arbitrary code execution

The player should perform Coin Case arbitrary code execution with:

  • A 'fresh' wild Pokémon in slot 3.
  • A Quagsire holding a HP Up with Sleep Talk as its first move in slot 4.
  • Any other Pokémon (it will become ????? (FF))
  • The following stored PC items in the PC beginning from item 1 in the exact order shown in the table. The three stacks of Great Ball x4 can be obtained by buying multiple stacks of 99 of them, depositing them into the PC and tossing from the stacks.
Item Quantity
[ANY ITEM] x38
TM27 x2
Fresh Water x42
Lovely Mail x1
HM07 x1
Poke Ball x65
Great Ball x4
Great Ball x4
Great Ball x4
Everstone x1
Surf Mail x51
Full Heal x18
Flower Mail x46
HM03 x1
X Speed x1
TM06 x1
TM41 x1

Afterwards, they should deposit a Pokémon into the Day Care and withdraw it. It should become a ????? (FF) with the nickname of the original Pokémon.

YouTube video by ChickasaurusGL


The equivalent Pokémon for species 1-250 are hard-coded into the ROM of Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal, as was found by Torchickens after Koolboyman shared the location of the Generation I ID>Generation II ID table for the first 151 Pokémon.

The table is as such:

Generation II Generation I
Hex Pokémon Hex Pokémon (Red/Blue) Pokémon (Yellow)
98 Chikorita BF ▶ A 4 4
99 Bayleef C0 a 4 4Hy
9A Meganium C1 ゥ (C1) ♀.
9B Cyndaquil C2 ゥ .4 PPKMNp' '
9C Quilava C3 h POKé ゥ ( Z4
9D Typhlosion C4 PokéWTrainer X ゥ- xゥ,
9E Totodile C5 PKMN (C5) 4. .
9F Croconaw C6 ゥL ゥM 4 7g
A0 Feraligatr C7 ♀Pゥ ゥゥT u
A1 Sentret C8 ゥU? g g
A2 Furret C9 ◣ゥ 8 ァ / g J 1
A3 Hoothoot CA PC4SH Glitch (CA)
A4 Noctowl CB p . pゥ
A5 Ledyba CC PKMN ◣ n .8
A6 Ledian CD Trainer ゥ. B
A7 Spinarak CE ▼ W G d PKMN pゥぁ ゥぇ (CE)
A8 Ariados CF OPKMN4X 4, ゥァ (CF)
A9 Crobat D0 PKMN PKMN T ゥ'
AA Chinchou D1 4B 8 4 8 B ァ h
AB Lanturn D2 ゥ ' PKMN ? A
AC Pichu D3 M p'u ゥ ゥゥ)
AD Cleffa D4 Aゥ G ゥ (D4)
AE Igglybuff D5 Pゥ ゥ ゥ 'ゥ.
AF Togepi D6 4h PKMN pゥぁ ゥぇ
B0 Togetic D7 Glitch Pokémon (D7) B (D7)
B1 Natu D8 PKMNaPKMNゥ ♂ fPKMNk PKMN (D8)
B2 Xatu D9 PKMNRPKMN " ゥ (D9)
B3 Mareep DA B (DA) {]
B4 Flaaffy DB Glitch Pokémon (DB) ゥ' B
B5 Ampharos DC Glitch Pokémon (DC) PKMN (DC)
B6 Bellossom DD 7PKMN'v 4, ゥァ (DD)
B7 Marill DE -PKMN 8 (DE)
B8 Azumarill DF .PKMN p
B9 Sudowoodo E0 /PKMN ▼PKMN 8 P ァ
BA Politoed E1 'v 'r 'r 4
BB Hoppip E2 …… (h4to89
BC Skiploom E3 ゥ (E3) 4 89 4
BD Jumpluff E4 Glitch Pokémon (E4) 8B 4 8
BE Aipom E5 C Z ゥ
BF Sunkern E6 - - 9
C0 Sunflora E7 Pゥ 4₽ ゥ ゥ.
C1 Yanma E8 X:LC 4(h4hi?₽
C2 Wooper E9 c 4HI?
C3 Quagsire EA A (EA) 'r ゥ
C4 Espeon EB Glitch Pokémon (EB) . 4( h 4
C5 Umbreon EC Glitch Pokémon (EC) ?/
C6 Murkrow ED hゥ 4(h4?
C7 Slowking EE .g ₽ pゥ . 4(
C8 Misdreavus EF ゥ₽'M h 4Pゥ ゥ...
C9 Unown F0 ゥ₽ (F0) . ゥ ( .I' .
CA Wobbuffet F1 94 ' B' ゥ
CB Girafarig F2 ゥ l (F2) ゥ ゥェ ゥ ▷
CC Pineco F3 ゥ l (F3) ゥ ₽ A (F3)
CD Forretress F4 ゥ₽ (F4) ♂ p ゥ
CE Dunsparce F5 ゥ (F5) ▼ pゥ
CF Gligar F6 G'Mp ゥ ₽ A (F6)
D0 Steelix F7 'Ng'Mp PkMn (F7)
D1 Snubbull F8 'Ng ゥ₽ ゥ 4- 4
D2 Granbull F9 94 h
D3 Qwilfish FA Glitch (FA) ゥ▾ ゥ♂
D4 Scizor 1F MissingNo. MissingNo.
D5 Shuckle 20 MissingNo. MissingNo.
D6 Heracross 32 MissingNo. MissingNo.
D7 Sneasel 38 MissingNo. MissingNo.
D8 Teddiursa 3D MissingNo. MissingNo.
D9 Ursaring 3E MissingNo. MissingNo.
DA Slugma 3F MissingNo. MissingNo.
DB Magcargo 43 MissingNo. MissingNo.
DC Swinub 44 MissingNo. MissingNo.
DD Piloswine 45 MissingNo. MissingNo.
DE Corsola 4F MissingNo. MissingNo.
DF Remoraid 50 MissingNo. MissingNo.
E0 Octillery 51 MissingNo. MissingNo.
E1 Delibird 56 MissingNo. MissingNo.
E2 Mantine 57 MissingNo. MissingNo.
E3 Skarmory 5E MissingNo. MissingNo.
E4 Houndour 5F MissingNo. MissingNo.
E5 Houndoom 73 MissingNo. MissingNo.
E6 Kingdra 79 MissingNo. MissingNo.
E7 Phanpy 7A MissingNo. MissingNo.
E8 Donphan 7F MissingNo. MissingNo.
E9 Porygon2 86 MissingNo. MissingNo.
EA Stantler 87 MissingNo. MissingNo.
EB Smeargle 89 MissingNo. MissingNo.
EC Tyrogue 8C MissingNo. MissingNo.
ED Hitmontop 92 MissingNo. MissingNo.
EE Smoochum 9C MissingNo. MissingNo.
EF Elekid 9F MissingNo. MissingNo.
F0 Magby A0 MissingNo. MissingNo.
F1 Miltank A1 MissingNo. MissingNo.
F2 Blissey A2 MissingNo. MissingNo.
F3 Raikou AC MissingNo. MissingNo.
F4 Entei AE MissingNo. MissingNo.
F5 Suicune AF MissingNo. MissingNo.
F6 Larvitar B5 MissingNo. MissingNo.
F7 Pupitar B6 MissingNo. (Kabutops Fossil form) MissingNo. (Kabutops Fossil form)
F8 Tyranitar B7 MissingNo. (Aerodactyl Fossil form) MissingNo. (Aerodactyl Fossil form)
F9 Lugia B8 MissingNo. (Ghost form) MissingNo. (Ghost form)
FA Ho-Oh 34 MissingNo. MissingNo.

One-way conversions

Háčky, a member of the Glitch City Laboratories forums made research into more complex Time Capsule exploit conversions which are not accounted for in the table above. Specifically, this section describes conversions for Pokémon index numbers 0, 251, 252, 253, 254 and 255.

From Generation I to Generation II

Index number (hexadecimal) Index number (decimal) Version Glitch Pokémon Trade Trade-back
00 0 All official Gold/Silver/Crystal 'M (00) (Red/Blue) 3TRAINERPOKé ‎₽ (Yellow) Slowpoke Slowpoke
FB 251 All official Gold/Silver/Crystal M 'N g (hex:FB) (Red/Blue) F q, (hex:FB) (Yellow) Wobbuffet 94 (hex:F1) (Red/Blue)

' B' ゥ (hex:F1) (Yellow)

FC 252 All official Gold/Silver/Crystal O (hex:FC) (Red/Blue) ゥ₽ 4MN ゥ (hex:FC) (Yellow) Wobbuffet 94 (hex:F1) (Red/Blue)

' B' ゥ (hex:F1) (Yellow)

FD 253 All official Gold/Silver/Crystal ゥ₽ 6ゥ (Red/Blue) × 'rゥ. 4 (Yellow) Ho-Oh MissingNo. (hex:34)
FE 254 Japanese Gold/Silver 'M (FE) (Red/Blue) ゥ/ 4ァ 4, (Yellow) Pidgey Pidgey
FE 254 Japanese Crystal 'M (FE) (Red/Blue) ゥ/ 4ァ 4, (Yellow) Electrode Electrode
FE 254 Korean Gold/Silver 'M (FE) (Red/Blue) ゥ/ 4ァ 4, (Yellow) Magcargo MissingNo. (hex:43)
FE 254 English/European Gold/Silver 'M (FE) (Red/Blue) ゥ/ 4ァ 4, (Yellow) Nidorina Nidorina
FE 254 English/European Crystal 'M (FE) (Red/Blue) ゥ/ 4ァ 4, (Yellow) Meowth Meowth
FF 255 Japanese Gold/Silver 'M (FF) (Red/Blue) Q (Yellow) Snubbull 'Ng ゥ₽ (Red/Blue)

ゥ 4- 4 (Yellow)

FF 255 Japanese Crystal 'M (FF) (Red/Blue) Q (Yellow) Granbull 94 h (Red/Blue)


FF 255 Korean Gold/Silver 'M (FF) (Red/Blue) Q (Yellow) Snubbull 'Ng ゥ₽ (Red/Blue)

ゥ 4- 4 (Yellow)

FF 255 English/European Gold/Silver 'M (FF) (Red/Blue) Q (Yellow) Snubbull 'Ng ゥ₽ (Red/Blue)

ゥ 4- 4 (Yellow)

FF 255 English/European Crystal 'M (FF) (Red/Blue) Q (Yellow) Granbull 94 h (Red/Blue)


From Generation II to Generation I

The Pokémon that an Egg from Gold when traded to Generation I becomes (and not Silver due to an $FD sprite specifically appearing on the Gold title screen in Ho-Oh's sprite at $82AA) may be Magikarp if a game is started from a save on the second floor of a Pokémon Center.

The other trades that depend on RAM can be manipulated with glitch Pokédex category arbitrary code execution, and it is even possible to transform a Celebi from Pokémon Gold into a Mew in Yellow with good luck.

Note: These tests have been performed on an emulator only.

YouTube video by ChickasaurusGL

Index number (hexadecimal) Index number (decimal) Version Pokémon Trade Trade-back
00 0 English Gold/Silver ????? (00) Rhyhorn Rhyhorn
FB 251 English Gold/Silver Celebi (Depends on RAM) (Varies)
FC 252 English Gold/Silver ????? (FC) Wigglytuff Wigglytuff
FD 253 English Gold/Silver Egg (Depends on RAM) (Varies)
FE 254 English Gold/Silver ????? (FE) MissingNo. (hex:38) Sneasel
FF 255 English Gold/Silver ????? (FF) Mankey Mankey
00 0 English Crystal ????? (00) Rhyhorn Rhyhorn
FB 251 English Crystal Celebi Omastar Omastar
FC 252 English Crystal ????? (FC) Venonat Venonat
FD 253 English Crystal Egg (Depends on RAM) (Varies)
FE 254 English Crystal ????? (FE) MissingNo. (hex:38) Sneasel
FF 255 English Crystal ????? (FF) Mankey Mankey

Reverse Time Capsule exploit

Due to any stable glitch Pokémon in Generation I under level 101 with a matching type as the equivalent Generation II Pokémon not being deemed as "abnormal", any glitch Pokémon that had its stored types changed with arbitrary code execution to match the equivalent Generation II Pokémon (however, note that this is unconfirmed for Pokémon with Generation II-introduced types) will be transferable to Gold, Silver, Crystal.

Additionally, there are a few glitch Pokémon in Generation I that usually have matching stored types with their equivalent Generation II Pokémon and do not require arbitrary code execution. These are as such:

1. P ($CB) shares the Pokédex number/types of Pidgeotto in Red/Blue and becomes Noctowl in Generation II.

2. O PkMn4 X ($CF) shares the Pokédex number/types of Beedrill in Red/Blue and becomes Ariados in Generation II.

3. ’N g ゥ₽ ($F8) shares the Pokédex number/types of Rattata in Red/Blue and becomes Snubbull in Generation II.

4. 4. . ($C5) shares the Pokédex number/types of Golduck in Yellow and becomes Totodile in Generation II.

5. ゥ ($D4) shares the Pokédex number/types of Snorlax in Yellow and becomes Cleffa in Generation II.

6. B ($D7) shares the Pokédex number/types of Pidgey in Yellow and becomes Togetic in Generation II.

7. Z ゥ ($E5) shares the Pokédex number of Persian in Yellow and becomes Aipom in Generation II.

8. ▼ pゥ ($F5) shares the Pokédex number of Snorlax in Yellow and becomes Dunsparce in Generation II.

9. Kabutops Fossil MissingNo. (hex:B6) takes its stored type based on a Pokémon that was loaded into memory. Due to this, the Trainer escape glitch may be used to obtain a Rock/Ground-type Kabutops Fossil MissingNo. when the player has an Onix, Geodude, Graveller or Golem[clarification needed], which will be able to transferred over as Pupitar in Generation II.


The Time Capsule exploit (then known as Johto guard glitch) was proposed on TRsRockin as a theoretical method of obtaining any glitch Pokémon in the English Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow, before a method was found of obtaining ????? (hex 0xFF).

It was posted on the TRSRockin forums that a ????? (FF) allows the player to circumvent the game from restricting post-151 Pokémon into the Time Capsule if it was placed into the party above other Pokémon.

After Paco81's discovery of the Celebi trick and its submission to Glitch City Laboratories, a legitimate method was found of obtaining ????? (FF), so the glitch was further investigated on Glitch City Laboratories forums.

It was found on Glitch City Laboratories that Pokémon below ????? would become an 'M/3TRAINERPOKé ‎₽. when traded back to Pokémon Red and Blue (a side effect of leaving it as the first Pokémon in the party), which complicated verification of the exploit as a valid glitch.